Recruit and Retain with Personal Travel

Recruit and Retain with Personal Travel

Most every business in pretty much every industry would agree that finding and landing top candidates is an ongoing concern these days.

This problem is especially acute in highly-desirable, rapidly evolving industries and fast-growing companies, where competition rules the day in the hiring marketplace as well as in sales.

Attracting and keeping the best employees requires creativity and a clear understanding of what matters most to current and prospective team members.

Travel is a recruitment and retention asset

The opportunity to make business trips as part of one’s job can be a significant plus for many candidates, especially younger generations for whom action and adventure are so important. Being sent on the road on behalf of the company demonstrates trust in the employee’s capabilities and judgment. It gives them a chance to get out of the office and expand their horizons on the company’s dime. That could tip the scales for a prospect considering (heaven forbid!) a company other than yours.

But your travel program is an even bigger retention asset – as long as you handle things right. That’s because 84% of business travelers say the quality of their experiences directly affects their job satisfaction. Any experienced road warrior can tell you that the novelty and excitement of business travel wears thin quickly if trips are frequent. Studies have shown that travel-induced burnout is a key cause of turnover.

Losing your best people this way is unthinkable, but you can sidestep this risk by instituting traveler-friendly policies and procedures that transform travel from a chore to a benefit.

It’s not even that hard. Here are some of the key elements of your travel program to pay attention to:

  • Policies should reflect the needs (and fondest desires) of travelers, your travel manager or executive assistant responsible for overseeing business travel, and the accounting/finance team charged with T&E budgeting and forecasting. Every touch affects the success and cost-effectiveness of your business travel program.
  • Flexible choices, amenities that boost comfort and productivity, ability to keep loyalty rewards, and encouraging bleisure trip extensions all enhance traveler experience.
  • Processes should streamline every aspect of travel, from planning and itinerary management to booking, to monitoring travelers on the road, automating expensing, and providing real-time, round-the-clock support when things go wrong. Automation and convenience assure accuracy and save time, factors that directly benefit travelers, admins, and your bottom line.

The easiest way to do this is to adopt a comprehensive corporate travel software that covers all the bases in a single tool. It should be easy to use, accessible in-office and on the go, customized to match your guidelines and traveler preferences, and capable of reporting all the data you need to evaluate your business travel. Here at, we know travel and we know business, which is how has zoomed to the #1 spot among corporate travel management apps.

Wow. A company that not only wants me to travel but will make it a positive experience in every way? That’s the company I want to work for. Or stick with.

Ah, but not all employees travel for work

Everybody loves to travel, or they should. It’s good for us, in so many ways! We mentioned earlier the importance of encouraging bleisure add-ons for business travelers, but what about everyone else? Employees who don’t travel for business can even become jealous of their colleagues who get to hit the road for work.

There is an easy fix for this – encouraging all your employees to use their paid time off for personal travel. And, better yet, facilitating it. Offer access to your corporate travel platform to everyone, for leisure as well as business travel. That way, every employee can take advantage of the great rates, flexible booking choices, simple and streamlined booking. Benefits like that are priceless – the time and money savings could transform hesitant travelers into willing adventurers. That’s good for them and good for business.

However, there is a potential snag here, and it’s a financial one. Travel management companies and many software vendors often base their charges on traveler volume, charging per trip, per booking, per telephone call or chat. Opening the door to all employees could wreak havoc with your T&E budget. You can’t afford an employee benefit that turns out to be a detriment to the company.

At Lola, we’ve solved that conundrum, too. No snags here. When we say our travel solution is simple, comprehensive and business-friendly, that’s just what we mean. We love travel and want all your employees to get out there and love it, too. And if something goes wrong, our live travel experts are available to help 24/7/365. All inclusive in our fixed price.

So, as we like to say here at, if you want all types of travel to boost recruitment and retention at your business, “Let ‘em use our software!”

About the Author: Jeanne Hopkins
Jeanne was the CMO of from 2018-20.