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Podcast: The Value of Servant Leadership in Sales with Colum Lundt

Episode 2 of ‘Road Warrior Radio’ featuring premier sales trainer Colum Lundt


How did one of America’s premier sales trainers build his career? What principles has he used to build strong teams and become a better leader?

On the latest episode of Road Warrior Radio, Ryan L. Ball,’s VP of Sales, sits down with Colum Lundt, a renowned entrepreneur, sales trainer and consultant to answer these questions and more.

Whether you’re an aspiring sales leader, a frequent corporate traveler, or anything in between, this conversation will be sure to educate and inspire you, as it touches on topics like:

  • How to hire a team that’s smarter than you are

  • Why the New England Patriots recruit so many players with law enforcement and military backgrounds

  • The book that changed Colum’s life

  • And more!  

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