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    Table Fries: How your past job can help you land your dream job.

    Episode 4 of 'Table Fries' featuring's, corporate counsel Beth Cohen.

    Podcast: No One Knows What You Want Unless You Tell Them

    Episode 5 of ‘Road Warrior Radio’ featuring Cheryl Horner McDonough  

    Sharing Hotel Rooms on Business Trips is a Bad Idea

    5 Reasons Your Corporate Travel Policy Needs Regular Review

    Things change fast in the world of business travel, and your policy needs to keep up As the corporate travel manager, you understand how important it ...

    Selfie Harm

    A recent rash of selfie-inflicted accidents has me wondering — should we ban the selfie? A tourist from China plunged 1,000 feet to his death at the ...

    Wait, What Time is It?

    Daylight savings time confuses a lot of people, but no one more than frequent corporate travelers? So are we all agreed on what time it is now? Let’s ...

    5 Must-Haves for Corporate Travel Management Software

    Travel Advisory

    The State Dept. recently added Antarctica to its Travel Advisory list — what does this mean for corporate travel managers? Even if you’re a research ...

    Not So Fast

    Is it finally time to pump the brakes on our dream of high-speed travel? Two recent travel-news items caught my attention. One said that supersonic ...

    How to Get Support For Your Corporate Travel Program

    Any effective travel program needs organizational buy-in — here are 7 ways to get support for yours Small and mid-size companies need to get a grip ...

    Table Fries: Creating vs. Managing - how do you decide?

    Episode 3 of 'Table Fries' featuring's, Marina Novikova.

    Stranger Things

    Brexit planning, rampaging monkeys, and the disappearing breakfast are just a few of the weird things happening in the travel world The late blues ...

    37 Million More Reasons Will Transform Corporate Travel

    $37M in new funding will help us build an even better product and double headcount, but this was not a typical financing round — here’s what happened ...

    Table Fries: If something seems scary, do it!

    Episode 2 of 'Table Fries' featuring's Director of Service, Ashley Welch.

    Podcast: Let's Have a Real Conversation.

    Why You Should Encourage Your Corporate Travelers to Use Their Rewards

    Travel is Toughest on Your Finance Team

    Corporate travel isn't only tough on the folks doing the travel — it can also take a toll on the back office Your company’s frequent travelers think ...

    Podcast: The Expectation Book

    Episode 3 of ‘Road Warrior Radio’ featuring Bart McDonough, CEO of Agio To Be 2019 Host Company of NE Venture Capital Association's Hack.Diversity Program

    Table Fries: Wicked Loving - The culture story.

    Corporate Travel Glossary - Hotels, Airlines, and More

    Who is Joe Sharkey?

    Resume Tips for Hiring A Corporate Travel Manager

    The Simple Guide To Corporate Travel Management

    3 Ways Corporate Travel Managers Can Stop Employees From Going Rogue

    Podcast: The Value of Servant Leadership in Sales with Colum Lundt

    How did one of America’s premier sales trainers build his career? What principles has he used to build strong teams and become a better leader?

    Goldie Locke & the 3 Barely Serviceable Travel Management Solutions

    Puppy Love?

    Why Business Travelers Have to Hit the Ground Running

    A recent article in the New York Times suggested that travelers look for a drug store, an ATM, and a Wi-Fi hot spot ASAP upon arrival in a new city. ...

    How small businesses can save money on corporate travel

    How to Choose a Corporate Travel Agency

    The 7 Benefits of a Corporate Travel Agency

    Introducing: Road Warrior Radio - Business Travel Podcast

    What is Basic Economy?

    Do Travel Loyalty Programs Matter?

    A Good Day's Sleep

    Corporate travelers need more options for staying productive on the road. Are day-rate hotels the future? Most business travelers know a version of ...

    Is corporate travel a privilege or a burden?

    Business travel isn’t always fun. There’s delays, layovers, itemized receipts. Not to mention time away from home and family.

    What Does's Development Tech Stack Look Like?

    How Does Company Size Affect Corporate Travel Preferences?

    4 Hidden Travel Costs in Your Corporate Travel Policy

    10 Steps to A Win-Win Corporate Travel Policy

    Win's 'Ultimate Super Bowl Package'

    To celebrate the big Patriots win on Sunday, is spreading some love by giving one lucky winner (and their guest!) the opportunity to get in ...

    50+ Business Travel Statistics: Airlines, Hotels and More

    Business Travel is a massive industry. But just how big is it? The team at wanted to find out - so we dug deep to find large and small ...

    Drift: Eliminate Travel Friction with

    Scooters: The New Scourge of Corporate Travel?

    Everybody in the travel business is giving you tips for travel in 2019, so let me put in my two cents, as they used to say when two cents had at ...

    The Ins and Outs of the AMEX GBT Deal

    Late in 2018, announced an industry-shaking partnership with American Express Global Business Travel (GBT). The deal marries GBT's ...

    2019 Travel Trends: Steamboat Springs

    Haven't heard about Steamboat, yet? You soon will.

    Is the Mileage Run Dead?

    It’s the end of the year. That used to mean something for business travelers anxious to preserve elite status on an airline. For many of us, it meant ...

    The Most Important Hotel Amenities for Business Travelers

    The hotel per diem allowed by your company is based on cost, but what does that cost include? No-charge extras can make a big difference in comfort ...

    Setting a Meal Per Diem Policy The Easy Way

    If you read our blog post last week, then you know that meal per diems can improve travel for you and your team. So now that you've decided a per ...

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