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    Business Travel Tips: Getting to Your Flight on Time

    What is Corporate Travel Management?

    Loftware: has your back

    Travel Manager Job Description

    Words of Wisdom for a Business Travel Manager

    Would You Opt For a Helicopter Instead of a Taxi?

    On a business trip in a big city, you or I get are likely to get to and from the airport using Uber or Lyft, a regular taxi, a hotel shuttle, a ...

    7 Tips to Stay Healthy During Business Travel

    Unpacking Zoom's Unheard of Growth

    Flywheel: Real-Time Visibility Into Travel Spend

    How to Become a Strategic Finance Team with Real-Time Visibility Named to Spark’s Favorite B2B SaaS Websites List, the Agile Travel Management™ company that provides a super simple way to manage, book, and report on business travel, has been named one of ...

    How to Reduce Business Travel Stress

    The numbers of working people experiencing high levels of stress on a daily basis are at a historic peak and continually rising. Work is the ...

    CFOs Shouldn’t Try to ‘Do Everything Better’

    It’s time for the Weekly Financial Digest! Each week, the Lola finance team scours the internet to find the news and content that you need to know ...

    Air Rage

    Is airline passenger conduct declining — or are flight attendants just reporting it more? Every so often, a media scold does the bidding of the ...

    How Flywheel Uses to Bring Its Team Together

    Should You Avoid Ultra Low-Cost Carriers for Corporate Travel?

    'The End of an Error'

    Ronald Reagan Airport's infamous Gate 35X is about to get an upgrade It’s been referred to online as “literally the Gates of Hell.” In the same vein, ...

    A Few Good Tech CFOs

    Welcome to another edition of the Corporate Finance Digest. Each week, the Lola team scours the internet to find the news and content that you need ...

    Do Airline Loyalty Programs Benefit Companies?

    It’s All Clicking for Wayfair

    Welcome to another edition of the Corporate Finance Digest. Each week, the Lola team scours the internet to find the news and content that you need ...

    “A completely seamless roll out” – How Allego used Lola to give employees control over their travel

    Uber's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad IPO

    In this installment of's Weekly Financial Digest, we share articles about the 2019 fundraising environment, spend analysis, Uber's IPO and ...

    'Can You Turn It Down?'

    Forget bad food or lousy service — diners are making their true pet peeve known loud and clear What’s the biggest complaint about restaurants?

    A Wicked Loving Win

    Two recent workplace awards make me more optimistic than ever that Lola's building a remarkable place to work When you’re building a company, there’s ...

    Dear HR: Your Traveling Employees Want More Support on the Road

    Giving Corporate Travelers the Support They Need

    How to Measure ROI for Non-Traditional Business Objectives

      Measuring return on investment for your business seems straightforward enough, but in reality it's not always so simple. For financial executives, ...

    Max Security?

    Boeing's disastrous year is having a ripple effect on the entire airline industry A headline in The New York Times the other day startled me: “Boeing ...

    How to Market Your Corporate Travel Policy to Employees

    Without adoption, a travel policy is just another forgotten document As your company’s travel honcho, you got all your constituents to agree to ...

    'Control, Visibility and an App That Travelers Actually Love to Use'

    Podcast: You Have Permission to Tell on Yourself

    Episode 7 of ‘Road Warrior Radio’ featuring Todd M. Kaylor

    The Agile Operations Podcast: Season One

    Secrets to rapid scaling and efficient growth from industry experts

    Podcast: I Want to Measure Everything

    Episode 6 of ‘Road Warrior Radio’ featuring Mike Connolly After landing in a sales career, Mike Connolly, VP of Sales at CarGurus, has relentlessly ...

    Table Fries: How your past job can help you land your dream job.

    Episode 4 of 'Table Fries' featuring's, corporate counsel Beth Cohen.

    Podcast: No One Knows What You Want Unless You Tell Them

    Episode 5 of ‘Road Warrior Radio’ featuring Cheryl Horner McDonough  

    Sharing Hotel Rooms on Business Trips is a Bad Idea

    5 Reasons Your Corporate Travel Policy Needs Regular Review

    Things change fast in the world of business travel, and your policy needs to keep up As the corporate travel manager, you understand how important it ...

    Selfie Harm

    A recent rash of selfie-inflicted accidents has me wondering — should we ban the selfie? A tourist from China plunged 1,000 feet to his death at the ...

    Wait, What Time is It?

    Daylight savings time confuses a lot of people, but no one more than frequent corporate travelers? So are we all agreed on what time it is now? Let’s ...

    5 Must-Haves for Corporate Travel Management Software

    Travel Advisory

    The State Dept. recently added Antarctica to its Travel Advisory list — what does this mean for corporate travel managers? Even if you’re a research ...

    Not So Fast

    Is it finally time to pump the brakes on our dream of high-speed travel? Two recent travel-news items caught my attention. One said that supersonic ...

    How to Get Support For Your Corporate Travel Program

    Any effective travel program needs organizational buy-in — here are 7 ways to get support for yours Small and mid-size companies need to get a grip ...

    Table Fries: Creating vs. Managing - how do you decide?

    Episode 3 of 'Table Fries' featuring's, Marina Novikova.

    Stranger Things

    Brexit planning, rampaging monkeys, and the disappearing breakfast are just a few of the weird things happening in the travel world The late blues ...

    37 Million More Reasons Will Transform Corporate Travel

    $37M in new funding will help us build an even better product and double headcount, but this was not a typical financing round — here’s what happened ...

    Table Fries: If something seems scary, do it!

    Episode 2 of 'Table Fries' featuring's Director of Service, Ashley Welch.

    Podcast: Let's Have a Real Conversation.

    Why You Should Encourage Your Corporate Travelers to Use Their Rewards

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