Business Travel Booking Procedure FAQs

If you think teleconferencing technology has replaced the need for business travel, think again. 

How to Create an Effective Corporate Travel Policy (+ Free Template)

Do Travel Compliance Incentives Make Sense for Your Company?

Should you implement incentive programs for your employees? Probably not.

How to Reduce Variable Costs In Favor of Fixed Costs

How to Sell Your CFO on a Corporate Travel Management Solution

Trust us: corporate travel management software is an investment with a positive ROI. Need help convincing your CFO that it is worth consideration? ...

The Bottom Line on Resort Fees

Just because you didn’t see yet another headline about resort fees in the trade press within the past 24 hours does not mean this contentious subject ...

What is Business Travel Management?

Why you need CPE credits

If you’ve earned a CPA or CISSP certification, you certainly want to maintain it! If you aspire to become a CPA or certified IT security expert, you ...

Ladies First: Business Travel Safety Tips for Women

The numbers are clear. Women worry more about safety while traveling than men do. And for good reasons. If your corporate travel program isn’t ...

Painting a ROSE-y Picture

Business Travel Budgeting: How To Save Money

As self-employed travel columnist for two decades, I’ve usually booked my own travel, independent of a corporate travel manager. That makes me less ...

Robin Powered: Tons of Travel, No Complaints

What Do People Want in a Corporate Travel Management Solution?

Is Frustrating Corporate Travel Leading to Employee Turnover?

To Self-Book or Not to Self-Book?

The Cost of Doing Business Travel

Two CFOs Walk Into a Bar

Getting a Business Visa: China, EU, Japan, and More

Getting a business visa to work abroad can be a bit complicated. Each country has its own rules, forms, and fees, and failing to comply can result in ...

How to earn free CPE credits

Free is a very good price, as they say, and who wouldn’t agree? As an accounting/finance professional who has earned a CPA, you know more than most ...

Guide to Corporate Travel Services

Business Travel Stress: How to Prioritize Well-Being

Financial Automation is Coming Fast

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Financial Digest! 

Why the Cheapest Option isn’t Always Your Best Option

How Helps Streamline Corporate Travel For Everyone in Your Organization

Choosing the Best Travel Management Software

Finance Lessons from Zoom, Tesla, Intel, and More

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Financial Digest! 

Tips for Managing Business Travel

There are many positive benefits of business travel — face-to-face client meetings, trade show presence, more personal sales pitches — but there are ...

Business Travel Solutions

IPOs, Direct Listings, and Billion Dollar Acquisitions

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Financial Digest! Launches New Suite of Reporting Tools

Enforcing Expense Policies With Repeat Offenders

Not all employees are perfect when it comes to following the company Travel & Expense (T&E) policy. Often times in organizations there is a small ...

The True Cost Of Poorly Managing Business Travel

What Is a Corporate Travel Agent?

Creating a Culture that Scales

  One of the toughest challenges facing growing companies is retaining their unique culture as they grow. The faster that growth, the harder it can ...

Business Travel Tips: Getting to Your Flight on Time

What is Corporate Travel Management?

Loftware: has your back

Travel Manager Job Description

Words of Wisdom for a Business Travel Manager

Would You Opt For a Helicopter Instead of a Taxi?

On a business trip in a big city, you or I get are likely to get to and from the airport using Uber or Lyft, a regular taxi, a hotel shuttle, a ...

7 Tips to Stay Healthy During Business Travel

Unpacking Zoom's Unheard of Growth

Flywheel: Real-Time Visibility Into Travel Spend

How to Become a Strategic Finance Team with Real-Time Visibility Named to Spark’s Favorite B2B SaaS Websites List, the Agile Travel Management™ company that provides a super simple way to manage, book, and report on business travel, has been named one of ...

How to Reduce Business Travel Stress

The numbers of working people experiencing high levels of stress on a daily basis are at a historic peak and continually rising. Work is the ...

CFOs Shouldn’t Try to ‘Do Everything Better’

It’s time for the Weekly Financial Digest! Each week, the Lola finance team scours the internet to find the news and content that you need to know ...

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