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    Sustainable Travel: Doing Your Part When Traveling for Fun

    4 Finance KPIs for Your Corporate Travel Program

    Dear Yanni...I've booked the wrong flight. Help!

    Oopsie flight purchases and a Global Entry vs. TSA Precheck debate in the latest installment of Dear Yanni.

    When (and How) to Say No as an Executive Assistant

    Best Expense Management Software To Streamline Workflows

    How to Manage Travel Costs with an Affordable Business Travel Agency

    Business travel is a massive cost that, for many companies, can get out of hand really quickly. Flights, hotels, ground transportation, and per diems ...

    The Real ID Transition: Everything You Need to Know

    The countdown is on — do you know what you need to do to get the appropriate ID card in time for next fall?

    Measuring the True ROI of Marketing Events

    Sustainable Corporate Travel: Action You Can Take Right Now

    Give Your Employees the Gift of Stress-Free Travel

    Five reasons is the perfect perk for employee travel — even when they’re off the clock.

    The Complete Guide to Using Travel Agencies for Small Businesses

    The Real Cost of Transaction Fees

    Paying a fee every time you book (or change) travel can lead to death by a thousand paper cuts

    The Do's and Don'ts of Emergency Evacuations

    Do you know what to do to get yourself, and other passengers, off of a plan in under 90 seconds during an emergency?

    How to Find the Best Deals for Corporate Travel

    Business travel is expensive. Are you making  the most of your corporate travel budget?

    How Can Executive Assistants Become Better Travel Managers?

    As an executive assistant, you're likely roped into doubling as a corporate travel manager. So you might as well get good at it.

    Business Travel Tax Deductions: What You Should Know

    The tax code is far from a pleasure read, but when it comes to claiming business travel expenses, you need to be prepared.

    Executive Assistants: What the Job Description Did Not Tell You

    6 Ways to Become an Agile Ops Pro

    It takes a lot to build an agile ops environment in any company. But one of the most important steps to take is focus on your own development as an ...

    Corporate Travel Discounts: How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

    If you’re not taking advantage of corporate rates and discounts, your company could be missing out on a lot of savings.

    Your Guide to Tipping While on the Road

    Trying to figure out how much to tip in real time can leave you flustered. This guide will help you plan ahead of time.

    Booking Leakage — What it is and why it's important to prevent

    Booking leakage eliminates control of and visibility into travel spend — leaving you with an unhappy finance team.

    6 Steps to Setting a Business Travel Budget

    Botkeeper: How Helps Save on Corporate Travel

    3 Agile Ops Lessons from Barbara Corcoran

    Barbara Corcoran built her company and her career using the right people, resources and processes — all of which are key principles of agile ...

    'Phenomenal Support and No Hidden Fees - A Company I Actually Want to Deal With'

    What You Need to Know about Publication 463 and Business Travel

    The Complete Guide to Online Booking Tools

    Choosing a Business Airline Rewards Program

    What is Agile Finance Operations?

    Agile has quickly become a buzzword in software development, but it also holds some potential value in the finance world. Enter: agile finance.

    5 Data Security Questions to Ask Your Business Travel Manager

    Travel Management Companies need personal data to book your travel — do you know how they’re protecting it?

    19 Do’s and Don’ts of Your First Business Trip

    Business Travel? There’s an app for that.

    A wave of new travel tech helps companies manage their travel — but how do you know what’s right for your business?

    Your Complete Guide to Reporting Travel Expenses

    Duty of Care for Corporate Travel

    With employees constantly on the road pursuing business opportunities across the country, or around the globe, your company has a legal ...

    Corporate Travel Policies: What You Need to Know

    Business Travel Booking Procedure FAQs

    If you think teleconferencing technology has replaced the need for business travel, think again. 

    How to Create an Effective Corporate Travel Policy (+ Free Template)

    Do Travel Compliance Incentives Make Sense for Your Company?

    Should you implement incentive programs for your employees? Probably not.

    How to Reduce Variable Costs In Favor of Fixed Costs

    How to Sell Your CFO on a Corporate Travel Management Solution

    Trust us: corporate travel management software is an investment with a positive ROI. Need help convincing your CFO that it is worth consideration? ...

    The Bottom Line on Resort Fees

    Just because you didn’t see yet another headline about resort fees in the trade press within the past 24 hours does not mean this contentious subject ...

    What is Business Travel Management?

    Why you need CPE credits

    If you’ve earned a CPA or CISSP certification, you certainly want to maintain it! If you aspire to become a CPA or certified IT security expert, you ...

    Ladies First: Business Travel Safety Tips for Women

    The numbers are clear. Women worry more about safety while traveling than men do. And for good reasons. If your corporate travel program isn’t ...

    Painting a ROSE-y Picture

    Business Travel Budgeting: How To Save Money

    As self-employed travel columnist for two decades, I’ve usually booked my own travel, independent of a corporate travel manager. That makes me less ...

    Robin Powered: Tons of Travel, No Complaints

    What Do People Want in a Corporate Travel Management Solution?