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    Strippers, Botox and a Hotel Room For Garlic

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    Business Travel Trends 2020

    Lola On The Street With Bridget Conway

    Recruit and Retain with Personal Travel

    The Effective EA: Easing the Way with Difficult People

    11 Things Business Travelers Can Relate To

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    Dear Yanni...Who gets which armrest on an airplane?

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    Guide to Business Travel

    Dear Yanni...How do I eat healthy on the company's dime?

    Get a Life, EAs! Your Work Depends on It

    5 Baffling Travel Stories of the Decade

    JetBlue to Offset Emissions From All Domestic Flights

    How to Sell Finance on a Corporate Travel Management Solution

    Check out our next webinar on January 9th for tips on how to sell your Finance team on a corporate travel management software

    Mileage Reimbursement Policy Sample

    Let's talk about Per Diem Expenses in 2020

    2020 Standard Mileage Rates

    Worldly Employees Bring More to the Table

    A diverse workforce is imperative for innovation. How can you strengthen the diversity consciousness at your organization?

    A Comprehensive Guide to Travel and Expense Policies

    What Happens When Airline Tickets Go To Waste?

    Shelby Byrnes,'s Travel Expert and Travel Agent Manager, answers our questions about what happens with unused tickets

    Traveling Home For the Holidays as Told By ‘Friends’ Gifs

    Masses of people traveling home on the same couple of days? What could go wrong?

    Dear Yanni...I'm always running out of time. Help!

    In this week's column, Yanni tackles saving time while on the road and what new upgrades to look for when booking hotels

    Plethora: A Happy Finance Team and Happy Travelers

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    So You’re Trying to Actually Sleep on the Plane?

    Well, turns out you might be doing it all wrong.

    Dear Yanni...Any tips for booking on behalf of my boss?

    In this week's column, Yanni addresses how to handle booking travel for a manager.

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