Savings Against Policy with Managed Travel

    How much time and money can your company save from establishing a managed corporate travel program with a thorough corporate travel policy?

    Dear Yanni...I'm always running out of time. Help!

    In this week's column, Yanni tackles saving time while on the road and what new upgrades to look for when booking hotels

    A Happy Finance Team and Happy Travelers

    New Report: Business Travelers Are Embracing Tech, and Their Companies Need to as Well

    Travel technology is evolving — and so are business travelers’ expectations

    Looking Back at Year One of the Biggest Partnership in Corporate Travel and American Express Global Business Travel celebrate the first year of their partnership and discuss what's in store for 2020 and beyond ...

    The Ultimate Guide to Travel Management

    Guide to Booking Travel: Direct vs. Third Party Sites

    Demo Lola + Expensify to See How Automating Travel Expenses Can be Simple

    So You’re Trying to Actually Sleep on the Plane?

    Well, turns out you might be doing it all wrong.

    Dear Yanni...Any tips for booking on behalf of my boss?

    In this week's column, Yanni addresses how to handle booking travel for a manager.

    The Top 5 Airport Coffee Spots

    2019 Top Gifts for Frequent Business Travelers

    From laptop bags to water bottles, is counting down the best presents for road warriors

    Best Airlines for Traveling with Children

    Even road warriors need help when flying with their kids.

    Dear Yanni...Best Business Travel Gadgets?

    In this week's column, Yanni discusses business travel gadgets and how to deal with medications while on the road.

    Cancel Culture

    Business trips are often planned, cancelled or adjusted at the last minute — can you prevent these changes from wreaking havoc on your company's ...

    The Knowledge Gap: Why Changes in Travel Plans are a Major Problem for Finance Teams

    Managing T&E budgets is challenging enough — but it's nearly impossible when finance teams aren't kept in the loop about changing travel plans

    The Corporate Travel Reporting Black Hole

    New data about why finance teams struggle to control and report on corporate travel spend  

    Dear Yanni...I'm dreading going through TSA. Any tips?

    On this week's column, Yanni discusses TSA etiquette and how to avoid scammers on rental platforms.

    Road Warriors —Think You’ve Seen Everything? Get This!

    6 Ways Your Employees Benefit from Personal Travel

    Are your employees hitting the road to avoid burnout? Here are some often overlooked benefits of taking a vacation. 

    The How-to Guide for Building a Corporate Travel Policy

    New Research: Companies Overlooking Employee Experience When Evaluating Corporate Travel

    Most companies focus on financial data to measure the success of their corporate travel programs, but they could be missing the bigger picture.

    Technology is Increasingly Important to Corporate Travelers

    New research reveals that satisfaction is rising among business travelers, partially driven by improving technology New travel management tools and ...

    Cheaper Can Be Costly for Business Travel Programs

    Travel managers often feel the pressure to cut travel costs — but what are you sacrificing (and paying for later) with stingy business travel? 

    New Study: Delta is the Best Airline for Corporate Travel

    Survey reveals that the major airlines are improving, but Delta still reigns supreme.

    Dear Yanni...Are refundable fares worth the cost?

    A discussion of refundable fares and the woes of rebooking fees in this week's column.

    Expense Reports: To Submit or Not to Submit?

    Whether you’re a seasoned business travel pro, or a newbie to the corporate travel world, the dynamics of expense reporting and reimbursement ...

    Basic B*tching: 12 Hilarious Tweets About Basic Economy’s running collection of the best (well, worst) tweets about flying basic economy & budget airlines

    One Size Fits None: The Pros and Cons of Group Policies

    Who benefits most from group corporate travel policies?

    Crowd-Sourced Reviews: Trust or Trash?

    In his latest column, contributor Joe Sharkey dives into the world of crowd-sourced reviews and how to handle the inevitable discrepancies of taste.’s Guide to Long-Haul Flights for Business Travelers

    Long-haul flights are a necessary evil for corporate travelers. Are you prepared to make them as painless as possible?

    Dear Yanni...Bleisure travel — what's the deal?

    How to eloquently tack leisure travel onto business trips and subtly getting space from colleagues while on the road in this week's column.

    Breaking Down JetBlue’s New Fare Classes

    Introducing Group Policy’s new, super simple way to automatically apply different travel policies for different types of employees

    Why You Should Embrace a User-Centric Approach to Business Processes

    Compliance can be painful and a bottleneck — but approaching it from the user’s perspective can improve adoption and buy-in

    5 Ways Companies Benefit When Employees Travel for Leisure

    It's well known that corporate travel helps build relationships and propel business goals, but organizations also benefit when employees travel for ...

    Agile Operations Summit: That's a Wrap!

    Looking back at the highlights from’s sold-out conference for finance & operations professionals

    The Ultimate Guide to T&E

    Dear Yanni...How do I get off of hold?

    How to side-step the phone queue, booking business class on the company's dime, and surreptitious surcharges in this week's column

    How to Choose the Best Hotel for Business Travel

    5 Creative, and Meaningful, Employee Benefits

    Cold brew and cold brews are great — but there are better ways to attract and retain the best employees

    Flying With Emotional Support Animals: Where to Draw the Line

    In the most recent column by contributor Joe Sharkey, he dives into the blurred lines of traveling with support animals and more recent travel news. 

    Expense Reimbursement Policy 101 [+Templates]

    Dear Yanni...Travel Insurance — Yay or Nay?

    This week Yanni dives into the best practices for travel insurance and same day round-trip business travel.

    The Stress-Free EA: Easing the Pain of Booking on Behalf

    Booking on behalf is one of the biggest frustrations for Executive Assistants. But, with the right tools in place, it doesn't have to be.

    10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Corporate Travel Management Software

    Many companies, especially those facing rapid growth, are turning to new platforms to help them manage their business travel. But with so many ...

    Don’t Get Burned by Travel Team Burnout

    Employee burnout is a bad thing — no surprise there. But neglected burnout poses real dangers for EAs and travelers responsible for coordinating and ...

    Sustainable Travel: Doing Your Part When Traveling for Fun

    4 Finance KPIs for Your Corporate Travel Program

    Dear Yanni...I've booked the wrong flight. Help!

    Oopsie flight purchases and a Global Entry vs. TSA Precheck debate in the latest installment of Dear Yanni.

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