Improving the Budgeting Process: Steps for Startups

Budgeting corporate spending is incredibly important, but tracking how much you actually spent and adjusting your startup business budget for the ... Refreshes Travel Policies to Help Finance Teams

  As a finance leader evaluating corporate travel software, robust travel policies are one of, if not the most important criteria. To maintain agile ...

How to Improve Expense Control: Tying Spending to Budgets

How to Evaluate Corporate Credit Card Programs & Rewards

  Corporate cards nowadays offer a plethora of reward perks and benefit points, but it’s hard to distinguish which programs are going to actually ...

Why the Expense Reporting Process is Hurting Your Business

  Ah, expense reports. *sigh*. Employees don’t like creating them, and finance teams certainly don’t enjoy pouring through them, or worse, ...

Startup Budget Template & Example

What is Travel and Expense (T&E) Management?

Corporate Credit Card Policy Guidelines & Best Practices [+Sample]

What is spend management?

When is it Safe to Travel for Business Again?

  While many states are beginning to open back up after COVID-19 closures, you may be wondering: when is it actually safe to let my employees travel ...

The 4 Best Corporate Credit Cards

Refunds in the age of COVID-19

  If you are anxiously looking at your calendar, wondering whether you will be able to take that business trip next month or the family vacation in ...

Easily Hop on Teammates' Trips with Lola!

How To Travel Home During COVID-19

Best Travel Startups for Business Travel

How to Find the Cheapest Business Class Airlines

Europe Travel Ban: Here’s What You Need to Know

Guide to Travel and Expense Management Software

Dear Yanni...Why are airports so confusing?

T&E Policy: Best Practices and Examples

In Uncertain Times, Travel Management is Far From a Luxury

Does Travel Insurance Cover Coronavirus?

MASTER GUIDE to Coronavirus Policies: Airline and Hotel Change + Cancellation

Best Corporate Travel Software

Conferences Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

Dear Yanni...How Do I Cure Jet Lag?

Best Carry-On Luggage for Suits

Coronavirus and Business Travel: Everything You Need to Know Re-Thinks Visitor Profiles

Tiered Travel Policies: Sensible or Unfair?

What to Pack For Your Business Trip

Concur Customer Service: Everything You Need to Know

Why do most business travelers prefer to drive?

Dear Yanni...How Do I Spot Travel Scams?

The Complete Guide to Corporate Travel Policies for Small Businesses

The Business Traveler's Checklist

100+ Incredible Business Travel Tips

A Complete Guide to Flying Business Class

How Business Travel Preferences Differ by Gender

Travel Management for Small Businesses

Dear Delta CEO: Don’t Pass the Seat-Reclining Buck

Dear Yanni...Are boarding and check-in times flexible or final?

What are the Best Times to Travel for Business?

Which Airline Has the Best Snacks? 5 Fascinating Stats on Business Travelers’ Brand Preferences

Where is Your Company Wasting Time on Business Travel?

3 Crazy Facts About Food & Drink Preferences of Business Travelers

A Portrait of the Modern Business Traveler

Stats on a Plane: Top 2020 Business Traveler Preferences

Top 3 Travel Trends of 2020

New Data: 35 Surprising Travel Stats

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