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New Report: Business Travelers Are Embracing Tech, and Their Companies Need to as Well

By Kathleen Burns, published on Dec 17, 2019
New Report: Business Travelers Are Embracing Tech, and Their Companies Need to as Well

Travel technology is evolving — and so are business travelers’ expectations

A new report reveals what we’ve been saying all along: poor business travel experiences can negatively impact employee satisfaction. The report, from travel commerce company Travelport, also calls out several other ways the business landscape is evolving, including more mobile booking and expensing and the rise of AI.

The top tips from the report? One big standout is the need to treat business travelers like regular travelers. Business travel has traditionally been an arduous, headache-inducing process. Difficult user experiences and out-dated corporate travel platforms often push travelers to book through an unapproved channel. In fact, 68% say that they will use a different source to book travel if the preferred platform is difficult to use. 

A second discovery from the report is the importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning in 2020 as software continues to develop. The report says that machine learning can reduce the average booking time from 60 minutes to just six because of the technology’s ability to predict the user’s needs. 

The standout trend is travelers’ growing dependency on mobile devices for booking and paying for their trips. According to the report, 87% of respondents have downloaded more travel apps this year than they did last year, which means that going mobile allows travel brands to provide travelers a service on their preferred device. 

For travelers and TMCs alike, staying on top of the latest tech is critical to success. Download the full report here.

About the Author: Kathleen Burns