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Lola.com Named to Spark’s Favorite B2B SaaS Websites List

By Tom Riley
Lola.com Named to Spark’s Favorite B2B SaaS Websites List

Lola.com, the Agile Travel Management™ company that provides a super simple way to manage, book, and report on business travel, has been named one of Spark’s favorite B2B SaaS websites. This is the first year Spark has released this list and we are honored to be included. Lola.com is joined by several fast-growing SaaS companies, including Slack, Drift, and Segment. Spark is no stranger to website design as the company builds high-performance websites, blogs, and landing pages. Considering Spark looks at so many SaaS companies and we have a co-founder that loves design beyond everything else, we are glad they found Lola.com to be at the forefront of good design in business.

One aspect of Lola.com that Spark highlighted was how “clear and simple” our design is. This is just one the things we focus upon because we know (actually, Paul English knows the most) corporate travel is traditionally confusing and disorganized. We use machine learning and 24/7 support to help our business travelers easily book trips, while empowering travel and finance managers to create policies, view budgets and expenditures, and monitor their globetrotting team efficiently. As previously mentioned, Lola’s co-founder, Paul English, revolutionized online travel with KAYAK and is doing the same with corporate travel management. With Lola.com you get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Illustrations are another key aspect of Lola.com's website Spark highlighted. Illustrations have become very popular for SaaS websites and nearly every company on Spark’s list uses them. We designed Lola’s illustrations to stand out from the crowd by making them unique and playful. Spark described our design as projecting “an aura of fun and pleasantness around what can be otherwise grueling.” Corporate travel management may not be very appealing, so we used excellent design to make using our platform fun and simple!


In their post, Spark also emphasized how providing social proof has become standard for SaaS company websites. Here at Lola, we know that providing testimonials is extremely important because it allows future customers to truly understand how valuable our service is. Aside from just displaying a handful of companies using Lola.com, we also have a section on specific case studies. These case studies take a deep-dive into companies using Lola.com and show how our platform revolutionized their corporate travel management. This social proof goes a long way in building trust with future Lola.com users and we are glad Spark recognized its importance.


We are looking forward to the future and continuing to better our design to provide the best experience for our users. Want a demo of our amazing software? Go here and sign up for a wonderful conversation with one of our fun-filled sales team members! https://www.lola.com/schedule

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Tom Riley

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