Launches New Suite of Reporting Tools Launches New Suite of Reporting Tools


Building on the recent release of our new Savings features,’s new suite of travel spend reporting tools makes it even easier for financial teams to get complete visibility into their company’s travel spend.Admins can now see their travel spend broken down based on various booking characteristics:

  1. Booker
  2. Traveler
  3. Department
  4. Flights
  5. Hotels
  6. Cars
  7. In Policy
  8. Out of Policy

All of these reports can be easily viewed, exported and shared from a central, intuitive dashboard.


Want to know who is spending what on travel? Drill in with our booker, traveler, and department reports. These pages will display data like the type of booking (hotel or flight), the booking date of the travel (to see how far in advance booked), what the cost was, and how much over or under policy it was.

Want to know what you’re spending money on? Instantly see the breakdown of bookings for flights, hotels, or rental cars. Categories such as the vendor (airline, hotel group, or rental company) and travel spend will be displayed for all travel bookings. For airlines you will be able to see the fare class (ex. premium economy). For hotels, you will be able to see the payment policy – showing whether the reservation has already been paid for, and whether it was in person or online. Lastly, for rental cars, you’ll be able to see the type of car, such as a large SUV or a convertible.

Want to know how many of your bookings are out of policy? You can easily view all in-policy and out-of-policy bookings and track down frequent policy offenders.

Below shows what the Out of Policy report will look like:


Additionally, while viewing the data within any of these booking categories you can filter bookings by metrics such as department and date. Also very helpful is the ability to immediately retrieve a detailed receipt for any given booking – click “Email Booking Receipt” while viewing a specific booking and this will go directly to the email used for your Lola account.


To see how easy it is to access all of this data in the Lola platform, watch here:


To wrap up, the new reporting suite within the Lola platform will give financial teams powerful data allowing them to control and make decisions about your company’s finances as easily and efficiently as possible!

About the Author: Jack Ablon
Jack is a Senior Growth Marketer at, and his role includes managing our production of content and resources for finance professionals. He previously led Product Marketing at Lola, and is a Commercial Airplane Pilot.