Introduces Special Car Savings Introduces Special Car Savings


Here at Lola, we want to do cars right. 

We started out by letting customers import their rental car bookings into the platform as we figured out the best way to handle them within our product. As we rethought the process and improved the system, we have been able to introduce self-serve car bookings on Lola’s platform. 

Now, we are introducing special savings on car rentals. 

Adding to our special savings offerings, now includes discounts on our rental car inventory. 

Previously customers could book rental cars through, but they would be paying the rack rate. Now, Lola is contributing to even further savings by offering exclusive discounts made available through our deep industry relationships. 

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With this addition, now offers savings on all three of our current verticals. 

Flight savings average 10-20%, hotel discounts can be as high as 60%, and savings on cars go up to 35%. 

Wondering how you can track these savings? They will automatically be added to the specific savings and global savings reports in Lola’s platform.


These discounted rates are not widely available — they are only accessible through TMC partnerships. By being selective about our supplier partnerships, Lola has created an exclusive, all-encompassing savings opportunity for our customers.

Have more questions about the new savings on car rentals?

Ask away, we’re happy to answer!

About the Author: Kathleen Burns
Kathleen Burns was a Content Marketing Associate at from 2019-20.