Re-Thinks Visitor Profiles Re-Thinks Visitor Profiles


Between interview candidates, contract workers, and one-off project support, business travel often involves travelers that are not full time employees. Although necessary, these in-between travelers can complicate travel and expense management. 

You don’t want to give full access to your travel management service to people outside of the company, but using multiple platforms is a time-consuming hassle. So, candidate or visitor travel means siloed information and delayed expense reports. We’ve worked on a solution for visitor travel in the past but didn’t quite get it right.

Until now. 

Lola has launched updated visitor profiles, allowing admins to use the platform for managing all visitor and candidate travel. 

Users asked, our product team listened

Travel managers expressed the need for a one stop shop for not only internal travel, but all travel their company is responsible for. They wanted the flexibility to fully customize policy names and add people as needed. With this user feedback, Lola’s product team constructed an improved solution for visitor travel that works for admins. Lola now functions as an all-in-one, customizable solution for managing both employee and visitor travel. 

How does it work?


The admin will be able to book all travel for the visitor just as they would book on behalf of an employee, and the visitor will get the confirmation email. The itinerary can easily be shared with the necessary people via the share itinerary link. 

Since the visiting traveler is not a full-time employee, they will not have their own Lola profile. This means that the admin who added and booked travel for them is the sole point of contact for Lola’s customer service. So, the visitor will need to contact the booking admin to receive travel support on any trips booked in Lola on their behalf. 

Adding visitor profiles is easy. The process is the same as when adding a traveler — navigate to the team tab, hit the “+” icon in the top right, and select “Visitor” instead of traveler.

About the Author: Kathleen Burns
Kathleen Burns was a Content Marketing Associate at from 2019-20.