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Lola + Expensify Integration: The Best Travel & Expense Management Software

By Jack Ablon, published on Aug 7, 2019
Lola + Expensify Integration: The Best Travel & Expense Management Software

Between flights, hotels, cars, and more, there are lots of expenses and receipts for your traveling employees and finance team to keep track of. Lola seamlessly manages your corporate travel and provides your team with stress-free and streamlined experiences on the road. However, we wanted to make sure that EVERY aspect of your company's travel was this easy.

Lola.com's integration with Expensify, the most widely used expense software in the world, does exactly that! In order to accurately report on travel, you must have a system in place that keeps all of your team's receipts organized so you can easily access, organize, and report on them.

“At Expensify, we’re constantly simplifying business travel for employees and admins,” said Daniel Vidal, Director of Strategy at Expensify. "We’re excited to continue to work with Lola to offer businesses worldwide a complete and automated business travel experience.”

What does this 'complete and automated business travel experience' look like in action? 

Let's hear from Flywheel, a growing company that uses Lola and Expensify to streamline T&E reporting.

Flywheel: a Lola + Expensify customer.

Flywheel, a company that helps build, launch, and manage WordPress sites, has over 200 employees in 8 countries. Travel is a huge part of their annual budget so they did an industry-wide search to find the best travel and expense solution out there. After a ton of research they landed Lola + Expensify.

And they haven't looked back. 

How can you integrate Lola + Expensify?

It takes less than 30 seconds for your company's Lola admin(s) to set up the Expensify integration. All they have to do is add the email associated with their Expensify account and you're ready to go! Travelers must simply ensure that their emails on the two platforms match.


Use Lola to book and manage all of your travel, and once the trip is completed, your travelers' flight, hotel, and car receipts will be automatically sent to Expensify for easy expense tracking and reporting! We wait to send these receipts for expensing so that we can create a report that includes all of these travel receipts from your trip, as well as so that you can add any other expenses (such as meals) to that report. However, if you need to expense a booking immediately, you can! Simply go into Reports, and under any booking you can find a button that says "Send to Expensify Now."

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.59.16 PM

Additionally, your travelers can attach expense tags to their bookings so that they are categorized by an event that they're traveling to, type of work that they're doing, or any other category. And, as an Admin you can give your travelers the ability to create their own expense tags if they don't see what they're looking for!

Lola + Expensify is the perfect solution for your finance team. Lola provides visibility into travel spend so that you can see what employees are booking, where they are, and when their trips are taking place, as well as provides the ability for employees to easily book travel for themselves within the company’s travel policy. Then, once their trip is completed, their receipts will be automatically sent to Expensify without anyone even having to lift a finger! Choose Lola + Expensify to make travel and expense management a breeze.

About the Author: Jack Ablon
Jack is a Senior Growth Marketer at Lola.com, and his role includes managing our production of content and resources for finance professionals. He previously led Product Marketing at Lola, and is a Commercial Airplane Pilot.