Loftware: has your back

Loftware: has your back


Meet Jennifer Rhode, the Human Resources Administrator at Loftware, the market leader in enterprise labeling and artwork management solutions. Loftware is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and they have 5,000 customers located in over 100 countries, resulting in an average of 20-30 employees traveling every month.

The Challenge:

Jennifer and the rest of the HR team were responsible for managing the whole travel process for employees. With so many people traveling, managing the program and booking travel for others became a challenge for Jennifer and the team.

“The process was complicated, and as we continued to grow it became increasingly difficult to manage. Coordinating travel arrangements was taking a lot of time, and we were becoming more like travel agents than an HR team.”

This led Loftware to find a travel agency to take the burden off of HR. However, Jennifer soon realized that this agency wasn’t getting the job done the way they needed. She was still heavily involved with the bookings and, even worse, Loftware was paying $35 per booking. Travelers would email their travel agent with their travel needs, and the agent would make the booking for them and respond with the details. Jennifer was still getting questions from travelers and agents all the time and was frequently jumping in to fix problems. She estimated booking a single trip would take anywhere from 1-3 days with all the back and forth via email.

“Not only was I still involved in the booking process, but we were paying an extra $35 per booking plus the agency’s yearly fee, and the HR team and employees weren’t any happier with the process.”

Jennifer needed to find a way that employees could make travel bookings on their own, have access to support when they needed it, and allow her to take a step back from the process. They wanted an online solution that offered greater efficiency, and was employee-driven. Enter


The Solution:

After evaluating several options, Jennifer narrowed her search to Lola and another travel management platform. After examining them both carefully, and getting references for each option, she decided on Lola. She liked the features Lola offered, and especially loved the fact that Loftware would just pay a flat yearly fee with no extra booking fees.

“Lola checked off more boxes for us. The support was great, they had the features we needed, and no other company could beat the cost.”

After getting the VP of HR and CFO on board, the next step was to onboard, and she was excited to find that the whole onboarding process took about an hour. All she did was invite her travelers, input the company’s travel policy, and they were good to go! Travelers started using the platform immediately and Jennifer could tell that Loftware employees were happy with it.

“It was just like the consumer travel tools they were using already in their personal lives, so there was no learning curve to use the system.”

And, she set up her account to get emails every time someone booked, so she was still able to monitor the process when she needed to. She could be as hands off as she wanted, and still see a full view of what was being booked.



Not only does Jennifer have a ton of time back in her workday, but the travelers are thrilled with how easy the booking process has become. They are able to login, select their preferred flights and hotels, and book in minutes, instead of the 1-3 days they were used to with the other agency. And their favorite feature? Lola’s 24/7 service.

“Our travelers absolutely love Lola’s customer service. If any issues come up on their trip they can chat in and their problems are solved right away.”

As a member of the HR team, Jennifer also needs to know where her employees are traveling, and that employees are taken care of no matter where they are. With Lola, she has full visibility into their travel plans, and can contact support anytime.

“It feels great knowing that Lola has our backs no matter what. I can’t say enough good things about the service team and all the help they provide. “



All of the travelers are able to focus more on their jobs, and less on booking and managing travel reservations. This has allowed Loftware employees to be more productive and ultimately, happier. And Jennifer feels good knowing that she implemented a solution that meets her company’s needs, and makes their traveler’s lives easier. She was able to streamline the travel process, and eliminate added work for the HR team, all while providing an easy-to-use solution for Loftware employees.

Jennifer also appreciates that the Lola team listens to her feedback about the product, and that she can have a hand in adding new features that she, and other HR team members will use.

“I like that we are working together to make the product great for people like me.”

About the Author: Emily Parker-Woodland
Emily was the Marketing Programs Manager at from 2015-20. She started at as a Wombat (our Travel Services team), and has a wide array of travel knowledge.