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Introducing Corporate Travel Policy Week

Introducing Corporate Travel Policy Week

At Lola.com, we take corporate travel policies seriously. How seriously? We’re devoting an entire week (ok, ok — an entire two weeks) to talking about the ins and outs of corporate travel policies: tips for making a great one, the best methods for getting employees to actually use it, common pitfalls and so much more.

Why are we so passionate about corporate travel policies? We know that, without one, companies are wasting time and money booking business travel like it’s the wild west. No guidelines, no controls — just a loose mandate to “go book for yourself and don’t forget to save the receipt!”

Well we want to move past the stone age of corporate travel, so we’re devoting the next two weeks to sharing great content — blog posts, a webinar, an ebook and more! — and other resources, all focused on actionable guidance for creating a corporate travel policy that works for both you and your travelers.

So get ready for Travel Policy Week! Here’s your agenda (we’ll be adding links to everything mentioned here as they go live):

Want an expert to evaluate the travel policy you already have in place? Click here to schedule a corporate travel assessment with one of Lola.com's Corporate Travel Executives.

About the Author: Mike Baker
Mike is Director of Marketing for Lola.com and a former journalist, farmer and teacher.