How to Reduce Business Travel Stress

How to Reduce Business Travel Stress

The numbers of working people experiencing high levels of stress on a daily basis are at a historic peak and continually rising. Work is the predominant source of many people’s stress, and with the added hassle of business travel, can become too much to manage. Jam-packed itineraries leave employees with essentially zero flexibility, and any free time is a luxury that is often mindlessly filled with other work only adding to the already hectic experience. Being aware of the business travel stress is important, in order to help alleviate it.

Prepare for Travel

In the days or week leading up to the trip, be cognizant of the fact that you are going to be out of office whether it be for a day or an entire week. Work doesn’t stop back home while you’re traveling, and if you don’t do work on the road, you will have to play catch up upon your return. To avoid having a pile of work to complete after days of travel, prioritize and organize before departing in order to complete as many vital assignments as possible. This will leave you with more flexibility after those long days away from home.

Being Mindful Helps You Deal with Stress

Even with little work to do on the road, free time is sparse; taking as little as ten minutes to focus and center yourself can make your day that much less stress filled. Utilize time waiting at your gate or riding to your hotel to do a progressive muscle relaxation, guided meditation, or series of breathing exercises. I use The Mindfulness App which offers guided and silent sessions ranging from three to thirty minutes, but you can also find free guided meditations on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Make sure to start your day off right. Instead of waking up to the jolt of an alarm and knowledge of the work day ahead, let yourself wake up a little early and do a series of sun salutations, yoga, or simple set of stretches. This will clear your mind, allowing you to start the day fresh and ready to deal with whatever issues are thrown your way.

If stretching and meditations aren’t really your style, opt for exercise instead. Take a trip to the hotel gym, lift some weights, and break a sweat; explore the city, go for a run, and get that heart rate up; or complete a workout in your hotel room, doing sit-ups, squats, lunges, and pushups. Whatever you choose, the endorphins will boost your mood for the rest of the day, helping you deal with travel stress and anything else your business trip throws your way.

Restore Yourself to Alleviate Travel Stress

Reduced quality of sleep causes greater irritability and reactivity to stressors. To that note, the time you spend sleeping isn’t all that matters. Quality is key!


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