5 Ways Employees Can Reduce Business Travel Expenses

5 Ways Employees Can Reduce Business Travel Expenses

When you’re coming up with a business travel policy for your company, it’s hard to balance the needs of the business with the needs of your team. If you set guidelines that are too strict, your employees either won’t follow them or will be unhappy while they are traveling, which could make them less productive. If you set guidelines that are too loose, your employees will overspend, causing you to be over budget. Neither of these scenarios are ideal.

Instead of going one way or another, consider finding a happy medium with suggestions that will help your employees spend smartly, while not sacrificing their travel experience. It’s a compromise! We recommend posting these guidelines in the common areas of your office to help reduce business travel expenses.

Try to book flights a month before your trip.

  • Sometimes business trips come up at the last minute, and that’s understandable. But at the very least, try to book flights a week before your travel date.

Be flexible about the time and day of the week you fly.

  • Employee comfort and productivity are extremely important. But when possible, try to fly during “off” hours (between 11am and 4pm) and “off” days (the middle of the week). These are times that can be harder for airlines to fill, so the flights are sometimes cheaper.

Don’t book non-refundable hotels rates.

  • They are always cheaper, but plans can change quickly. Spend a little more to book a refundable rate.

Don’t book basic economy flights.

  • It’s the non-refundable hotel room of the flight world. Everything (baggage, seat selection, etc.) will cost extra and there’s no option to change, so you have to purchase an entirely new ticket.

Sign-up for hotel loyalty programs.

  • Employees will get loyalty rates when they book at those hotels, and as a bonus they can keep the earned loyalty points for personal travel.

Consider nearby airports

  • Often you’ll find better rates or a nonstop option you didn’t know about, saving money or time, or both.


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About the Author: Emily Parker-Woodland
Emily was the Marketing Programs Manager at Lola.com from 2015-20. She started at Lola.com as a Wombat (our Travel Services team), and has a wide array of travel knowledge.