How Helps Streamline Corporate Travel For Everyone in Your Organization

How Helps Streamline Corporate Travel For Everyone in Your Organization

When you think of corporate travel, your mind probably jumps to the people actually doing the traveling themselves, traversing the country to meet with clients, attend trade shows, and hit the investor circuit.

But the truth is that the impact of corporate travel isn’t just limited to the road warrior — sales leaders, finance professionals, executive assistants and more all deal with travel management in a different way. 

We caught up with three Lola customers who each represent one of these functions to learn about how Lola helps them book, manage and real-time report on corporate travel and finances.

Sales Leaders

While much of sales has moved inside, there is still an urgent need for face-to-face interactions in the sales process. Few people know this better than Alex Mackenzie, Director of Sales at Allego.

Alex makes a point to send his reps (and himself) to meet with prospects and show them the product in person. 

Of course, organizing all this travel was taking up a lot of Alex’s time — approving bookings, helping his reps if travel disruptions arose — and he wanted to find a travel management platform that helped him streamline the booking process and provide support (at no extra charge!) for his travelers.

Luckily he found

“Partnering with Lola gives me peace of mind to know that my reps are going to where they need to be in front of customers at the right time,” he said. 

But as important as Lola’s ability to streamline travel booking is to Alex, its real value has been in the 24/7 white glove travel support it offers. On their previous platform, Allego employees had to pay a fee anytime they booked, made a change or needed service. Now, with Lola, anyone can reach out for help or for an itinerary change and know that they’re going to get A+ support — without paying a dime. 

“Before Lola, we were using a kind of outdated travel agency,” he remembers. “It basically took a few hours out of my week that I could have been doing my job coaching and collaborating and helping them get deals across the finish line.”

“Half of the bookings we would book previously would have some type of minor issue, and now that’s almost extinct,” he added. 

With all that extra time and peace of mind, Alex finds he is more able to focus on what really matters: helping his team hit their goals and win new business for the company. 

Of course, it’s not just sales leaders that want to focus on their jobs. 



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Finance Professionals

Corporate travel is a huge expense for most companies, and it comes down to the finance team to track and report on this expense, and keep it all under budget.

When employees are booking travel on their own credit cards and submitting their expenses weeks (or even months) after the fact, this isn’t easy.

For Steve Isom, VP of Finance at Flywheel, this outdated system made it incredibly hard for his team to have real-time visibility into travel spend and more effective controls over bookings and travel policy compliance.

“We had a travel platform before Lola,” he said. “People would get frustrated, flights weren’t available, support would be slow to respond, they would charge you for the support.”

“So people were like ‘I don’t understand why we do this. I’ll book it and I’ll submit for reimbursement.’ So now you had all this data that was outside of the platform; you had users that were unhappy. Now you’ve kind of solved both of these things where you have phenomenal support and all the data is one place for me so I have complete visibility into the spend.”

And, because Lola integrates directly with Expensify, Steve knows that all traveler expenses will be properly coded and submitted as soon as a trip ends. 

But what about for the people actually doing a lot of the booking and travel management themselves?



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Executive Assistants 

Few people feel the pain of corporate travel management more acutely than Executive Assistants, who often book travel on behalf of executives and provide travel support on nights and weekends.

This was certainly the case for Becky Garber, Executive Assistant at Drift, who found Lola when she was looking for an easier way to book travel on behalf of her CEO and other employees.

“With Lola, managing travel for my team is easy, quick and done,” Becky said. “Getting that off my plate allows me to focus on my full-time job: supporting our CEO and other co-founder.”

It saves me, it saves them, and it makes my CEO happy!” she added.



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Travel management for the whole squad

Corporate travel touches almost every aspect of your company, so it’s important to have a travel management solution that works for all of them. Whether you’re trying to book travel seamlessly, provide excellent support for folks on the road, or keep everything under budget, Lola is the perfect choice.

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