How Business Travel Preferences Differ by Gender

How Business Travel Preferences Differ by Gender


Gone are the days when men comprised the majority of professional workers outside the home. Women now account for 47% of the U.S. workforce — and they earned more than half of the degrees awarded in 2017! 

More women in the workforce means more women traveling for work. And in our recent survey of over 1,000 business travelers in the U.S., the data revealed a few notable differences in how women prefer to travel for business versus men. 

sanitizeFor example, although all passengers are painfully aware of the risks of catching an illness in the confined space of a plane (especially when your seatmate has a nasty cough), it seems like women are more proactive about keeping germs out of their area. According to the survey, female respondents were 24% more likely than male respondents to wipe down their seat and tray table upon boarding. 



Peanuts or pretzels? The answer might be “neither” more often than you’d think. When it comes to snacks, our data indicated that women are 30% more likely than men to bring their own food onto a plane. Beverage choices differ by gender as well, with female travelers 44% more likely than male travelers to opt for iced vs. hot coffee, and 73% more likely to choose wine on a flight over beer.


longer-hours (1)Perhaps the most concerning difference has to do with longer hours while on the road. Although a whopping 69% percent of the travelers in our survey indicated that they work more when they’re traveling, women were even 10% more likely than men to agree they log more hours away from the office. With this difference in mind, managers and HR representatives should proactively address work expectations when traveling to prevent burnout — not just for women, but people of all genders. 

Which airline is business travelers’ top choice? Do they prefer to stay in hotels or an Airbnb? Starbucks or Dunkin’? Check out the full report for a comprehensive view of business travel in 2020.

About the Author: Emma Brudner