Give Your Employees the Gift of Stress-Free Travel

Give Your Employees the Gift of Stress-Free Travel

Five reasons is the perfect perk for employee travel — even when they’re off the clock.

When companies sign up with, they’re usually doing it for one of three main reasons:

  1. increased visibility into financial and accounting reporting,
  2. an easier way to manage employee travel, or
  3. the platform’s all-in-one booking tool with negotiated fares and massive inventory.

But lately, we’ve had a lot of folks come to us (especially in People Ops and HR) who are excited to buy Lola for a fourth reason:

As a valuable employee perk for frequent travelers — whether they’re on the road for work or leisure.

Why are so many of our customers excited to offer Lola as an employee perk? What about Lola makes it so valuable for frequent travelers?

Corporate travel is a major part of doing business — it helps your company close deals and enables your employees to attend valuable conferences. But, it can also be a massive pain in the neck for those doing the actual traveling. Business travel means time away from their families, distraction from other responsibilities, and disruptions to their normal routines.

And that’s when it goes as planned! When travel goes sideways, it’s even worse — missed connections, erroneous reservations, delayed flights. Given all this, it’s no surprise that a recent study revealed that 70% of business travelers say the way travel is managed affects their job satisfaction. So, if you’re sending travelers on the road, you want to make it as easy as possible. Maybe even, dare we say, enjoyable.

But, aside from letting employees fly first class and stay in four-star hotels, are there ways you can make travel more pleasurable for them? Well, with Lola, you can take the pain out of travel by giving employees access to 24/7 white glove travel support, access to discounted tickets and accommodations, and an amazing user experience — even if they’re traveling outside of work!

And that’s just the beginning. Read on for five reasons Lola may just be the most valuable perk you give your employees (with no disrespect to kegerators and free snacks).

1. 24/7 support for all

Lola’s customer service team is world class. So we want everyone to be able to enjoy them. When your employees hit the road for personal travel, Lola’s Wombats come with them. Booking personal travel through Lola ensures the same quality of 24/7 support as when travelers use it for business — but with the added benefit of catching a flight to the beach, not a conference. Traveling with a spouse and kids? No problem — Lola’s support extends to them as well. So should something happen on an employee’s family vacation, Lola is there to help.

2. Exclusive negotiated rates

Here at Lola we understand the frustration of working hard at a start-up and not having access to the deals and savings available to long-standing enterprises. To mediate that, we’ve established strategic industry partnerships to give our customers access to discounts and privileges typically reserved for larger companies.

Want some even better news? The savings Lola offers are not exclusively for business travel. These negotiated rates can help your employees save up to 30% when they book personal travel through Lola’s platform. Plus access to other special privileges, like refundable tickets, that are typically reserved for the largest companies in the world. Using Lola enables your employees to take their well-deserved vacations, without breaking the bank.

3. Massive inventory, minimal effort

With Lola, business travelers are able to book their flights and hotels, without the hassle of tab surfing and comparison shopping common to using consumer sites. When booking in the Lola platform, your employees can see and compare all of the options in one place — and easily pick the best choice for them.

Plus, your travelers can save their preferred airlines and hotels to their profile. If their family takes an annual trip to the same destination, they can identify the airline they like to fly on and the specific hotel location in their profile to quickly determine the most cost effective time to go and complete the booking in a matter of seconds.

4. Personal loyalty points on business travel

Corporate loyalty points vs. personal loyalty points — what falls under each category can be confusing — until now. Lola allows travelers to save their airline and hotel loyalty numbers into their profiles, so they are always earning points, on or off the clock. They can collect points while traveling for business (and leisure), and then use those points on personal travel. While your company can also still earn points through corporate loyalty programs, your employees won’t be left in the dust. No more wasted miles.

5. Mobile app for on-the-go booking

One of Lola’s greatest strengths is that our easy-to-use platform translates into our mobile app. Since we’re on our phones all the time anyway, might as well make it easy to book travel on them too. With the Lola app, travelers can book their flights and hotels; monitor upcoming, past, and canceled trips; chat into the service team; and view their traveler profile. This one-stop shop is especially helpful when trying to maneuver a family of five through the airport.

Your employees are likely used to clunky travel management systems or tedious bookings on consumer websites. With Lola, the entire interface experience is streamlined — and fits in their back pocket. isn’t just shaking up corporate travel. We’re also providing your company with an additional, valuable perk to offer your employees. Travel is frustrating regardless of whether it’s for business or pleasure — so Lola is here to help with both.

About the Author: Kathleen Burns
Kathleen Burns was a Content Marketing Associate at from 2019-20.