Basic B*tching: 12 Hilarious Tweets About Basic Economy

Basic B*tching: 12 Hilarious Tweets About Basic Economy
Contents’s running collection of the best (well, worst) tweets about flying basic economy & budget airlines

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a Basic Economy fare. 

*every single hand on Twitter goes up*

As per usual, frequent travelers are feeling extremely vocal about the frustrations they meet while on the road. The most recent victim of Tweeters' spite? Basic economy fares. And for good reason.

Here are some of our favorite tweets about flying basic economy.

It all started with this lovely comment.

Which then lead to a pretty rowdy thread of Basic Economy horror stories.

Including some forewarning that may warrant concern.

And the obligatory unnecessarily sarcastic input.

This one just made us sad.

Basic Economy: Where even safety isn't for sale.

This poor mate is in for a tough travel experience through the US. And fellow sufferers were not hesitant to let him know. 

And this is why we have trust issues.

This initial thread lead us down our own Twitter rabbit hole of basic fare complaints. Turns out, some people still aren't scared off. Challenge accepted. 

Wishing the best of luck to this guy. Odds he ends up in the cargo hold? 

...Or in the bathroom?

So..anyone still willing to risk Basic Economy?

Bueller? Bueller? We don't blame you.

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