Flexible Company Travel Policies Can Reduce Expenses

Flexible Company Travel Policies Can Reduce Expenses

It is shocking when you think about it since roughly a third of all companies in the U.S. do not have a company travel policy. Having a “Use your own judgement” policy is a nice way to say you trust your employees, but make no mistake, it limits opportunities for both your company and travelers.

Traditionally, creating a company travel policy and getting the team on-boarded has been way too arduous, time-consuming and convoluted. It does not have to be this way. The problem is that a corporate travel program is not one-size-fits-all. For the most part, travel management has been geared toward supporting companies spending $5M+ on travel and expenses using offline travel agents … $5 MILLION! Some Travel Management Companies (TMCs) do offer an online booking tool for travelers to book for themselves, but the problem is these systems are antiquated, slow, expensive and not traveler-friendly.

If you’re thinking about ways to minimize the chaos of unmanaged company travel and save time and money — plus make employees happier and more productive — it's time to introduce a lightweight travel program into your company.

Business travel should be stress-free and productive (and not suck!)

Small- and medium-sized companies want modern, innovative products that are platform-agnostic, while offering more flexibility and less red tape. With better technology and innovation, administrators and travelers can expect a seamless, easy experience with a whole new approach to business travel. The aim is to give companies a travel program their employees will love and want to use, while at the same time providing insights into a company’s T&E.

Travel Policy Benefits

  • Travel management companies allow your company to effectively balance the needs and requirements of your team with the needs of the business

  • Without a company travel policy, T&E will be more expensive overall

  • Higher employee retention comes with happier travelers

  • Real time visibility and reporting will uncover hidden costs and control budgets

  • Companies have a responsibility to know their staff’s travel location (in case of emergency)

While there are many more reasons why creating a travel policy is a good idea, (customer service, better hotel rates, cost-effective booking, etc.), a clear, simple and thoughtful policy gives your team the autonomy to book where they want by themselves, while keeping the company’s best interests in mind.

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About the Author: Krista Pappas