Easily Hop on Teammates' Trips with Lola!

Easily Hop on Teammates' Trips with Lola!


Booking a trip with Lola.com is easy as can be. But what happens when an employee needs to hop onto their colleague's trip? Should the colleagues send endless emails back and forth to ensure that they book the same itinerary, on the same airline, at the same hotel, at the same time? Not with Lola!

Introducing Teammate Booking.

Employees can now view their colleagues' trips and readily generate flight, hotel, and car bookings based on these trips!


With Lola's saved traveler profiles, loyalty programs, and payment methods, it only takes a few clicks for your employees to seamlessly book the same itineraries and enjoy easy, uncomplicated, and collaborative business trips. Additionally, as always, travel managers can easily generate booking on behalf of their travelers with these same features.

Let's take a look at how easy it is to complete one of these bookings. In this example, Heather is booking the same hotel as Marcus as he's just asked her to accompany him on his upcoming trip to their Los Angeles office. All it takes is a few clicks and you're good to go! Click on the trip, double check your travel details, and confirm. A fast, agile process – something we specialize in here at Lola.com.


Of course, we know privacy is also important to you. That's why you can make trips Public or Private! The default option will be to share your trip, however immediately after booking (as well as later on in the "Trips" page) you'll have the option to not share it with your teammates.

When shipping features for our customers, attention to detail really matters to us. Another good example of this can be found when booking onto teammate's flight and selecting your seat: you're able to see where your teammate is sitting in case you'd like to select a seat close to them!


Our team loves to innovate, especially when our innovations make our customers' lives easier! Customers are at the core of our product development – it's how we prioritize, build, and think. Let's make booking business travel less stressful and more fun. Happy booking!




About the Author: Aahan Bhojani
Aahan was a Product Manager at Lola.com.