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What's the Best Corporate Travel Solution For You?


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If your company is like most, your travel process is probably disorganized and complicated. Fear not! There are several corporate travel solutions that can help you create a more organized and productive process. Here’s some information to help you choose the one that’s right for your company.

1- Travel Agent: Working with a travel agency means they would schedule all business trips for your employees.

  • Pros: One-on-one service for your travelers. Plus, some great industry knowledge to help you get good deals on flights and hotels.
  • Cons: Most travel agencies will charge you per-month to use their service, plus an additional charge anytime your employees need to make a flight or hotel change. They usually work normal business hours, so if you need help at 3AM on a Saturday, it might be hard to contact someone.

2- Travel Manager:  Having a dedicated travel manager can help your team stay organized and on budget.

  • Pros: With one dedicated person taking care of all your bookings, your travelers will always know who to contact with any questions or problems. It will also take extra work away from anyone else who was helping book travel (like an office manager or executive assistant),  allowing them to focus on their main responsibilities.
  • Cons: According to, the average salary of a Travel Manager is about $90,000  a year, which is a hefty price tag. Plus, if the number of people traveling grows too much, it will eventually be more than one person can handle.


3- Software: Introducing a digital corporate travel solution will enable you to customize your travel guidelines, while allowing your employees to book for themselves.

  • Pros: The right program will check a lot of boxes. With everyone using the same software, you can set guidelines that are easy for employees to follow and gain visibility into what they’re  booking. This way, you know exactly what’s being spent, so you can control your budget and save money.
  • Cons: There are a lot of software solutions to choose from, some of which are costly and have a long on-boarding process. So if you’re looking for an affordable, quick fix, make sure you pick a simple, easy-to-use tool that won’t bust your budget.

Ultimately, the right travel solution for your company depends on a lot of factors: the number of  employees, how often they travel, your budget, and the timeframe you have to implement the program. Hopefully, this information will help get you started in assessing the available options and finding the best corporate travel solution for your company.

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