Concur Customer Service: Everything You Need to Know

Concur Customer Service: Everything You Need to Know


Note: This post is designed to be a full analysis of Concur’s customer service. If you’re looking to get in touch with Concur’s customer service and/or have an urgent corporate travel issue, here are some useful links:

When it comes to corporate travel management, there are a ton of platforms out there. If you’re currently looking for a new solution you’re probably comparing multiple business travel softwares to figure out which one can best simplify travel and expense management, make employee reimbursements easier, and meet your company's specific needs. 

And we’d be willing to bet that one such solution you’ve come across is the Concur Travel and Expense platform. 

Concur started out as just an expense platform before adding on a travel program as well. While some people do advocate for the expense and reimbursement tools offered by Concur, a lot of workers strongly dislike the travel portion of the platform. But there’s more to corporate travel tools than just the features built into the software. And, with so many travel platforms to research, it can be difficult to decide which is the best for you. We believe that is the best corporate travel tool out there and that Concur falls short in comparison, especially in terms of its customer service.

But how do you really know if Lola is better than the Concur app?

One area that can really set the choices apart is the customer service offered. The best way to determine which system has the best service is to read the reviews online. Luckily both Concur and Lola have tons of reviews by users who travel frequently for business. We’ve compiled all the information we can from those people who actually have a Concur account, and those who use the Concur integration with a separate travel system. Some even use the Concur mobile app exclusively for expense reporting. But all of these reviewers have encountered the customer support team at Concur along the way. 

Ready to see how Concur customer service stacks up to Lola customer service?

Concur Customer Service Review

SAP Concur has several products, all of which give the user access to their customer service team. The main products are Concur Expense, Concur Invoice, and Concur Travel. The Concur app center offers a single sign-on option to link these platforms together. Concur claims to have a 24/7 support team dedicated to helping with any travel and expense issues that arise. They mention that most questions are answered on the first call, and that the customer support team is well-versed in all of Concur’s products, including Concur Mobile. 

However, looking at online reviews, it’s obvious that the Concur training program has some work to do in order for their service team to truly meet their customers’ needs. Some of the biggest issues are:

  • Wait times


“Beware as customer service can be extremely slow.” 

This 1.5 star review comes from G2crowd. Not only is this user extremely unimpressed by Concur’s customer service process, but they also dislike the travel booking platform as well. The user also mentions, 

“You just have to live with the fear that it might cancel your trip on you even if you don’t click on cancel trip.”

  • Quality
    Long wait times might be enough to have you looking for a different travel and expense management solution, but if it’s not, consider that no matter how quickly you get access to Concur’s service team, if they can’t provide you with the help you need, speed doesn’t even matter. One user on G2crowd who gave Concur only half of a star had this to say: 


“Very poor customer care. High company turnover meant that we couldn't even complete the implementation process without being passed from one newbie to the next. After implementation, Concur customer service was still very difficult to work with”

  • Product knowledge
    When a business traveler has an issue booking their travel, they should be able to reach out to the support team for help. Unfortunately, it looks as though the Concur solutions knowledge does not extend to the service team. One user who rated Concur 2/10 on Capterra had this to say: 


“I find that customer support is geared to only answer obvious questions. They respond to specific questions by sending 34 page documents for me to read through in order to try and glean my own answer.” 

This kind of customer service is extremely frustrating for a user having an issue with something important like if their flight is delayed or their expense report will not go through. Without the proper product knowledge the Concur team isn’t helping your travelers get home or get their expense reimbursement on time.

  • Trust
    If you can’t count on honest answers then you can’t truly solve your travel management issues. A user on G2crowd who gave Concur zero stars felt their trust had been completely broken.


“Concur engaged in a bait and switch approach, from the beginning, with sales and implementation team members making promises about what the platform would be able to do and then, once the trial had ended, indicating that to do what was originally promised, the cost to the company would be, ultimately FIVE times what was originally quoted. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY.” 

There’s nothing worse than believing you have found the answers to your problems (in this case the user was attempting to fix the receipt reimbursement process) and realizing that not only were you lied to about the abilities Concur expense offered, but that the price you were given was also false.

The lack of reviews also speaks volumes about a company. Concur has a lot of large, well-known customers such as AIG, The Discovery Channel, and Madison Logic. While these companies have participated in case studies about Concur’s expense platform, assistance with spend management, or reimbursement program, not one of these case studies mentions Concur’s customer service. That should be a red flag, as Concur positions their customer service as a feature and selling-point. 

Expense report management, expense reimbursement assistance, and travel booking are features that a lot of companies offer. But what happens when something goes wrong during a business trip? Everyone should be fully supported, 24/7, and with Concur that just doesn’t happen. 

Concur Customer Service Compared to Lola Customer Service

Both Concur and Lola give users access to an online booking tool on both a web and mobile platform, and a way to see travel spend and expense reimbursements in one place. They also both offer 24/7 customer service. But these are where the similarities end. has tons of features that put the user experience light-years ahead of the Concur app center. Things like a powerful booking engine offering exclusive discounts through third party partnerships. And the ability to improve the expense reporting process for business travelers through a one-click integration with Expensify. Travelers don’t need to remember to submit an expense report after a trip, it is done automatically for them. And the Concur app is very far behind Lola’s app center  in terms of speed, design, and user experience. Lola’s booking tool is sleek and modern where the Concur app is outdated and not built for today’s travel management needs.

But what really sets apart from any other travel management platform is the customer service they offer. For those business travelers who have worked with travel agencies in the past, Lola’s service gives users access to 24/7 experienced, knowledgeable travel agents with years of travel industry experience make sure your travelers have the best support available at all times. Travel agencies might seem outdated, but the service level you get with a travel agent is completely custom and tailored to your needs. That is what Lola’s agents provide to your business travelers. 

Booking with Concur

Looking at the online reviews, the concur booking tool and online booking process is described as, “outdated” and “not intuitive.” One user described his experience as “very cumbersome and unnecessarily complex.” The booking tool is also described as “clunky,” and “frequently crashing.” Another user summed it up by saying “The travel booking experience is terrible.” Another negative review called Concur’s platform “reimbursement with a headache.” When the main functions of the platform do not work properly, you can assume that the service backing it up will also let you down. 

Booking with

Looking at reviews of Lola, it’s easy to see that customers love using all versions of the travel management platform. In one five star review, a user described Lola’s booking tool as having “a very clean interface,” and summarized his experience by adding “Everything was laid out very clearly and intuitively, extremely easy compared to the previous process we used.”  

And after a booking is complete, users love how easy it is to get their expense reimbursement taken care of.

One 5 star review reads “It has a great integration with Expensify which makes expense reports a breeze.”

Another titled “Really Really Easy Expense Tracking says, “Lola makes it super easy to track travel expenses for our employees.”

One user mentioned “Travel expense management was very much simplified using this software.”

And finally one happy customer said, “This allows me to book travel on my terms while also ensuring that my expenses will be approved for reimbursement.”

It’s easy to see that Lola will make sure your travelers can submit their expense reports quickly and easily.

But what about customer service? As you’ve read previously in this article customer service is one of the most important aspects to a good travel and expense management platform. Luckily, Lola excels at customer service, blowing Concur support out of the water, and we have the glowing reviews to prove it.

Some stand-out comments from users are:

  • “Lola seems to actually care that you make it to your destination.”


  • “Their support is awesome, and it was great to have someone to turn to when flights got delayed.”


  • “The fact that I could reach a real human being easily through the chat widget in the app, that person knew my company and actually was able to complete bookings/reschedules/cancelations for me - all without me having to interface with anyone else or anywhere else in the app! Easy!”


  • “The communication via chat with the Lola service team has not only been extremely convenient but has convinced me that Lola really cares that my travels go smoothly.”


And how does Lola compare in the four areas that Concur failed at? 

  • Wait times

    A lot of the reviews on talk about how quick and easy it is to contact the support team. One five star review mentions, “I was able to easily get assistance and all my questions were resolved in a timely manner.” 

Another five star review said: “No matter time of day or night weekdays or weekends they are amazing.”

  • Quality
    Where Concur’s service team lacks in quality of service, Lola’s team excels. One user who left a five star review says, 


“When you do a lot of traveling, changes come up all the time. They work with you through those challenges and you know you’re going to be taken care of & the changes are made for me/ that leaves me time to focus on my job rather than the travel piece of everything!” 

High-quality service gives business travelers peace of mind while they are on the road.

  • Product knowledge
    Not only do Lola’s agents know how to help with any issues business travelers have during their trip, but they know the booking tool and expense integration inside and out. One five star review says, 


“Not only is the interface super easy to navigate but the customer service is without a doubt some of the best I have ever experienced. The team is quick to respond to questions and will update you with any changes to flight times, gates, etc.” 

Another user mentions, “It's intuitive, friendly, and backed by great human support at every turn.”

  • Trust

    Reading through the glowing reviews of Lola, users will quickly see that business travelers everywhere trust the Lola service team with all aspects of their trip. Some stand-out reviews are:


  • “I have found myself in situations where my flight was delayed and would have missed my connection but Lola concierge immediately rebooked me onto another flight while I was still on the first one. Having their assistance and someone watching over your booking has been very helpful.”


  • “Other travel apps that have been used in the past you always seem to speak to a robot that tells you to go to the frequently asked questions. So far with Lola I have always spoken to a person and they've always been extremely helpful.”


  • “The customer service and support I have received via is phenomenal. Everyone there is extremely responsive, patient, kind, and helpful.”


The extensive travel industry knowledge that all Lola support agents have also comes in handy during the booking process. If a customer is not finding what they are looking for on Lola’s online booking platform, they can easily chat in with the service team and get assistance. This is crucial for those business travelers used to working with travel agencies and having someone else book their travel for them. Even though Lola has a great booking engine with exclusive discounts and inventory not found anywhere else, sometimes hotels don’t allow certain rates (like a discounted room block for a conference) to be booked anywhere but their own website. And sometimes airlines offer special, one-time deals, not able to be found on any other booking tool. 

Those scenarios are no problem for Lola’s 24/7 support team. Like traditional travel agencies, the Lola team is able to easily navigate any problem that arises and find the perfect solution. Business travelers never again have to spend time scouring multiple sources looking for the best deal, or open dozens of tabs to compare what amenities they are getting at each hotel. The Lola agents know how to find all of this information for your team. Even if something is booked outside the Lola platform, it can easily be forwarded to the Lola system and Lola’s support team is there to make sure all travel and expense details are entered correctly and accounted for. After all, getting your expense report submitted quickly and correctly is the only way to get reimbursed in a time manner.

As you can see Lola does not just offer good customer service, they go above and beyond to provide the highest level of service available on a travel and expense management platform. The booking engine in Lola is second to none and coupled with the outstanding 24/7 support it’s easy to see that Lola is the best travel and expense tool out there. 

Proactive Customer Service from

Now let’s dig into a crucial aspect of customer service: proactiveness. We’ve already seen how Lola’s team reacts much more quickly and with more compassion than Concur. But Lola’s commitment to customer centricity also gives your business travelers proactive support. After all, business travel can be unpredictable. Meetings get changed, bad weather causes delays and cancellations. Proactive support is crucial to a successful business travel program. Luckily, Lola’s team often flags a travel delay or cancellation and is already working on finding a solution for your travelers before they even know there is a problem. This is another aspect that users who have worked with a travel agency previously will be used to and will appreciate. But how does Concur’s platform compare with Lola’s top-notch proactive service?

Proactive Service from Concur - or lack thereof

On G2crowd not one review mentions proactive service. On Capterra the reviews talk a lot about how disappointed users are in Concur’s service. In fact, instead of being proactive when it comes to travel and expense problems, they actually try to avoid dealing with them at all.

One user writes,

“the customer service teams are outsourced and unqualified to do much more than read from a script.“

Another zero star review says,

“Their sales and tech support are not aligned in what is possible and they do not own up to their inabilities.”

And lastly, this unhappy customer mentions

“Wish that there was a way to call someone instead of issuing a help desk ticket and waiting to see who/when a return reply would [come in.]”

It’s clear that customers with a current Concur account are extremely unhappy. 

Proactive Service from

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum sits’s service, known for amazing travel services, a one-of-a-kind booking tool, and attentive and proactive customer service agents. Here are just some of the amazing reviews left by customers, specifically mentioning proactive service:

  • “Their proactive approach to customer support is border-line magic. I had a flight which was delayed, causing me to miss a connecting flight. Before I could reach out to my job to inform them of the issue Lola had already emailed me letting me know that I had a different flight I can catch in 30 minutes and they had me updated and good-to-go immediately! It was a life saver!”


  • “The service level and proactive attitude of the staff is among the highest I've seen. They are responsive and proactive and often remind me of upcoming bookings and check ins. Their service also has a personal touch and I've even received recommendations of things to see and do when in certain cities.”


  • “In the event of travel issues (which is inevitable these days), they are proactive and keep in touch while they work with the airlines and hotels on your behalf. It's so much easier to have someone working for you behind the curtain so you don’t waste all your time standing in lines. Love them!”


When evaluating travel and expense management platforms, make sure to press the sales person on the level of customer service offered. Don’t get stuck in a contract with a program like Concur Expense or Concur Travel, where the service you were promised does not exist. In order be sure you have all the details you need to:

  • Test the service before you demo.
    Chat in with the customer service for the company you are considering. Most savvy companies have a chat option right on their website.


  • Read reviews of real customers who have used the customer support team.
    Look for the flag that the person has a verified Concur account (or whichever platform you are researching). This will ensure  you are reading a real review. What travel related issues did they have and were their needs met?


  • Prepare questions before you get on the phone with a salesperson.
    Think through what travel services your team really needs and drill down on the most important ones. Will you travelers have to manually submit expense reports, or will this be done automatically? If there is a problem with an expense report can the customer service team assist or are they only there for travel related questions?


  • Make sure service is offered on all versions of the platform.
    Don’t get stuck only being able to chat in on a desktop or laptop,  make sure there is a mobile option. Good travel apps make it easy to find the contact info of the service team and let you chat with customer support even when you’re on the road.


  • Ask for a demo of the service functionality.
    Don’t wait to see how the travel assistance works after you’ve already purchased it. See how the service level and knowledge compare to that of a traditional travel agency live on the phone with the salesperson. And make sure to check wait times and whether a real person or a bot is responding.


As you’ve read in this article already, lots of companies offer a solution to corporate travel management that includes service. Some of them claim to have the best service. But the proof is in the reviews that only Lola offers the kind of responsive, knowledgeable, and proactive support your company really needs to improve your travel and expense program. 

How to Contact Lola’s Customer Support Team

Lola offers several ways to contact their customer care agents; Via email, phone, or live-chat through the mobile app or desktop product. The most popular way for business travelers to contact the customer service team is through live-chat. No matter where on the road you travel to, the 24/7 travel support team has your back.

To get access to the support team you must be a member of Lola’s travel and expense management subscription service. A company can sign up for Lola and be onboarded in minutes, unlike other travel apps that require months of onboarding, Lola is quick and easy to implement. And as you’ve read in this article, compared to other travel apps and services, Lola’s customer care team is the best mix of a traditional travel agency and top-notch business travel platform. 


Customer support is crucial no matter what software you are purchasing. But when it comes to corporate travel there are a lot of unknowns. Your travelers deserve to be fully supported when they are traveling for business, and you deserve an easy-to-use, intuitive tool that makes travel  and expense management stress-free. Lola really sets itself apart from other service providers by making sure it’s offering features and support that companies really need. Things like one-click expense integration, an easy-to-use booking tool, and a great travel booking process for your employees.

About the Author: Emily Parker-Woodland
Emily was the Marketing Programs Manager at from 2015-20. She started at as a Wombat (our Travel Services team), and has a wide array of travel knowledge.