Concur Alternatives & Review

Concur Alternatives & Review

SAP Concur’s suite of tools for business expenses, travel expenses, and invoices help companies manage various aspects of their spending. While Concur was designed to make the expense reports process easier, it wasn’t designed to give budget owners control over spending before it happens. Rather than wasting precious resources on expense reports, use’s complete spend management solution to control spend before it happens. 

Concur alternatives

Whether you currently use Concur or are shopping around for an expense management tool, this useful guide to Concur alternatives will save you time. We’ve done the legwork of rounding up worthy substitutes for the software for you.

Who should use Concur?

Concur is a suitable option for medium-to-enterprise-sized businesses that process invoices, conduct business travel, and have employees that make purchases on behalf of the business but don’t feel comfortable issuing them corporate cards. Companies that are used to the traditional way of managing finances will find that Concur checks most of their boxes.

Who should use is an all-in-one spend management, business travel, and corporate card solution for businesses of all sizes that are focused on growth. Lola’s customers are ahead of the curve and want to break the mold by looking for agile ways of doing outdated processes. Lola helps them minimize time spent on monotonous admin tasks so that they can maximize productivity. 

SAP Concur versus Lola Checklist

Concur competitors

Check out the research we’ve done on Concur’s other competitors:

What is Concur?

Concur is a leader in the spend management space. Here’s an in-depth look at what Concur offers its users, plus some similar products. 

What is Concur used for?

Concur offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that helps companies manage expenses, book travel, pay invoices, and analyze spend. Its main products are:

  • Budget: Collects all spend data from Concur’s invoice, expense, and travel platforms in one place. 
  • Concur Travel: Simplifies travel booking and the management of related expenses.
  • Concur Invoice: Automates accounts payable invoice processing.

Concur software categories

Concur falls into the following software categories on G2 and Capterra:

  • Expense management software
  • Accounting software

Similar products

Alternatives to Concur with comparable products and features include:

Concur review

Product information provided by Concur highlights the software’s strengths, but fails to mention its shortcomings. We’ve made sense of these marketing messages to give you a holistic look at Concur’s offerings so you can more easily decide if it’s the best fit for your company. Here’s what we’ve uncovered.

Does Concur help you control spend?

Short answer: No

Methodology: We researched whether Concur lets its users create and manage budgets, approve expenses, set up spending limits, and enforce company policies. 

Concur doesn’t let budget owners control spend. Instead, Concur simplifies budget creation and spend tracking by collecting all spend data into one place. 

While users can integrate corporate cards with Concur to increase spend visibility, the platform can’t prevent employees from making out-of-policy purchases, so finance teams are left to deal with overspending after it happens.

While the software also lacks spend controls, it simplifies expense report creation and processing, which helps cut down on some admin time without completely making expense reports a thing of the past.

One way that Concur makes the jobs of finance teams and budget owners easier is by making their software intuitive for customers. Thousands of reviews of Concur highlight the software’s ease-of-use.

Does SAP Concur give you visibility into spend?

Short answer: Sort-of

Methodology: To determine whether or not Concur increases spend visibility, we examined features like reporting and analytics, dashboards, data exports, and user experience.

Concur provides “near real-time” spend visibility through its Budget platform. The tool brings together spend data from various sources, like accounts payable and expense reports, to give finance teams concurrent insights into how company funds are being spent. 

While Concur offers budget owners a robust reporting dashboard, some users describe it as overwhelming. Others want expanded features, like budget vs. actual visualizations, to get a better understanding of the information they’re being presented with. And others complain about Concur’s limited customization options for raw data exports.

While the finance team-facing side of Concur could be improved, employees say that the tool is easy to use for creating expense reports.

Does Concur help you analyze spend?

Short answer: Yes

Methodology: Concur’s core product is focused on helping you simplify spend management after the costs have been incurred. We examined Concur’s automations, services, and reporting capabilities and determined that it's also well equipped to help companies analyze spend. 

Concur’s Analytics product combines data from your other Concur tools and presents it on customizable dashboards. Reporting features let you filter and sort through data to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Don’t have an analyst on your team? Concur offers access to consultants who can help you build and analyze the right reports for your business’s needs through their Analytics Reporting Services.

Does Concur work well with the rest of your software?

Short answer: Yes

Methodology: We examined Concur’s integrations and found them quite comprehensive.

Concur integrates with many accounting and ERP solutions including SAP ERP, QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite. They also have an ADP integration, which helps simplify human resources operations. 

What are Concur's other features & benefits?

This review has mostly focused on Concur’s Budget and Expense products. However, Concur also has products that focus on invoice and travel management.

Concur Travel facilitates managed and unmanaged corporate travel programs. While Concur has its own online booking platform, its TripLink tool also lets you capture travel spend from external booking platforms. Plus, TripIt Pro makes travel easier by serving as a digital concierge that sends check-in reminders, itinerary change alerts, and more.

Concur Invoice helps reduce time and money spent on invoice processing, accounts payable, and procurement. It uses AI to automate the repetitive aspects of the processes so that your team can focus on initiatives that move the needle. 

Concur card

Concur doesn’t offer its own corporate card or issue p-cards. However, you can integrate your existing company card provider with Concur to improve spend visibility.

If Concur offered its own corporate card, it would help eliminate the need for expense reports. Since expense report creation and processing are the software’s main offering, the company continues to focus on simplifying these reports rather than innovating on alternative solutions for spend management. 

SAP Concur pricing

Concur’s pricing can be a mystery, as the company doesn’t publish its pricing online. One source reports that Concur’s minimum cost is about $83 per month, but what you’ll pay will depend on the products you include in your package, the size of your company, and more. You’ll need to request a quote for accurate, customized pricing.

Concur support

Concur offers several customer support solutions, including:

  • Service Administration: Tailored set-up recommendations that can help you save time and make the most of the software. 
  • User Support Desk: 24/7 access to Concur’s customer service team over chat, phone, and their support portal.
  • Preferred Care: Concur’s global enterprise clients get access to premium concierge support. They have access to a dedicated support specialist and consulting services.

Due to the lack of pricing transparency on Concur’s website, it’s uncertain whether support comes standard with any Concur license, or if it comes at a premium, which can make it difficult to understand what you’d be getting with your subscription. 

Concur review summary

Who should use Concur? Concur is best for companies that have employee expenses but don’t feel comfortable giving each employee a corporate card, and are fine with the time and money investment involved with processing expense reports. Concur is also good for businesses that want to automate their procurement process and manage their travel program with ease. 

Pros of Concur: Concur’s strength is in the sheer number of solutions it offers. It has products for everything from travel and expenses to invoices and analytics. Plus, its integrations make it a powerful tool to use with what’s already in your tech stack.

Cons of Concur: Unfortunately, Concur doesn’t eliminate the need for time-consuming expense reports. It isn’t a true spend management solution because it doesn’t let finance teams control spend before it happens. Further, Concur doesn’t have its own corporate card solution, and its lack of pricing transparency is frustrating.

Best Concur alternative:’s all-in-one spend management, corporate card, and travel management solution lets you see your spending in real-time and makes out-of-policy spend virtually impossible with its tech-enabled corporate cards. Sign up for free today.

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