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[Cheatsheet] 10 steps for a win-win corporate travel policy

By Mike Baker
[Cheatsheet] 10 steps for a win-win corporate travel policy

Need a quick framework for creating (or improving) your company's corporate travel policy? Check out Lola.com's new cheatsheet

Whether you’re a startup trying to create your first corporate travel policy or an established business revamping an existing one, it’s important to get the fundamentals right.

How much detail should you include? How should you balance traveler satisfaction with cost savings? What the heck is dynamic pricing?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to even start — don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We put together a quick, 10-point checklist to help you create or refine your company’s travel policy.

Here are some highlights:

#6 — Distribute for traveler policy. Listen to your travelers and incorporate their feedback into your policy. Not only will it help you improve your policy, but it will also make your travelers feel included in the process.

#9 — Set quarterly check-up reminders. Your travel policy is a living document, so schedule regular check-ins to add new information and remove irrelevant aspects.

Want to see the rest? Download our 10-point cheatsheet today: https://www.lola.com/ebook/ten-steps-for-creating-a-win-win-corporate-travel-policy-cheatsheet

posted by

Mike Baker

Mike is Director of Marketing for Lola.com and a former journalist, farmer and teacher.

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