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Business Travelers, We Have Heard You and Help is on the Way

A year ago when we launched Lola, we wanted to learn about the possibilities and the practicality of real human and AI driven service in travel. Since then, we’ve discovered what works, what can and should be handled by humans vs. AI — and how we can leverage both to improve and innovate travel.

There were really two key learnings from our customers that struck me the most. First, was that some travelers want self-service options to book their own trips rather than relying on our agents to take care of everything for them. They still want human travel agent help, but only when they need it. Second, was that the people who really love Lola are the ones who travel a lot — they are on the road every week, or every couple of weeks. They really need human support for all kinds of different things. For this reason, business travelers gravitated towards us in droves — and were among our most voracious users. That’s when the lightbulb went off.

Traveling for business is tough. It’s disruptive, rarely goes smoothly and requires a lot of coordination and organization. We believe there is a huge opportunity in the marketplace to bring simplicity to the complexity of business travel and maybe even a little bit of joy along the way. We’re refocusing Lola to serve the busy, frequent business travelers who really need us. Business travelers want awesome apps and tools to plan, book and manage their trips. These tools do not exist today, and Lola is going to change that.

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