Business travel sucks. Luckily, Lola is here to make it all better.

Business travel sucks. Luckily, Lola is here to make it all better.

Launching today, Lola is a tool that makes every facet of business travel easier, with a model and services no one in the travel industry has offered before. Designed for true road warriors, Lola will change the way you travel for business, and I’m ecstatic to share it with you.

Until now, business travelers have been stuck choosing among travel apps that only meet their most basic travel needs. They’ve been left on their own to plan flights, book hotels, then scramble for workarounds when cancellations, missed connections, and other snags blow a hole in their schedule.

Lola is different. Lola advocates for business travelers by providing personalized options, hotel loyalty points, and a personal assistant available whenever help is needed, 24/7. Our AI creates a personal travel algorithm that customizes travel for each individual road warrior, using their unique identifiers to match them quickly and easily with the best, most personalized choices. Do you prefer a window seat or aisle? Boutique hotel or chain? Amenities like pools and gyms, or gourmet restaurants and a concierge? Lola begins learning from the moment you log on, with onboarding questions that narrow down what really matters to you — and the learning process never stops. The more you use the app, the more Lola gets to know you, and the better recommendations she’ll make based on what you like.

At Lola, both our AI and our personal assistants always put the traveler first. Other online travel companies push paid results, boosting hotel rankings according to who gives them the biggest payday — which is why travelers often get search results that don’t make sense based on their budget or preferences. Lola doesn’t push paid results, ever. Instead, our search results show you what you like, including the cheapest flight that works best for your schedule — helping you get home from that weeklong conference in time for your child’s soccer game. Lola saves you time and meets your personal needs, all in one user-friendly app. Lola also works directly with hotel suppliers to make sure that our travelers get their loyalty points and can book the best available rates.

Road warriors, rest easy: Lola has your back. I’m excited to help make your business travel more smooth and efficient, and to finally bring back some of the fun that should come with traveling. And right now, I’m also happy to share a special perk: Starting today and through the end of 2017, everyone who signs up will become a Lola VIP, receiving complimentary travel concierge services until the end of 2018.

So come on, let Lola get to know you — and then put that knowledge to work for you.

Paul English

CEO and Co-Founder

About the Author: Paul English
Paul is is the CTO and co-founder of Paul was previously the CTO and co-founder of Kayak, is an investor in dozens of startups, and sits on six nonprofit boards.