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Bringing Your Corporate Travel Policy to Life

Bringing Your Corporate Travel Policy to Life

Why integrating your travel policy with corporate travel software can set you up for success

It’s great to have a corporate travel policy in place. And it’s certainly more efficient to use travel management software to coordinate and streamline your company’s travel-related activities, both on the road and behind the scenes. But treating these two key tools as separate solutions for distinct needs only adds confusion and inefficiency. Technology is supposed to eliminate problems like that!

On the other hand, integrating your travel guidelines with your corporate travel management software smooths the way, in every regard.

You can build booking guidelines right into the platform

That is, you can if you have the right platform. Key guidelines such as per diems and flight class or routing rules are automatically factored in, along with flexibility options. It’s easier to enforce the rules because it’s easier for travelers to follow the rules.

Booking is so much more convenient for travelers. No need for cumbersome back and forth moves or clicking around among multiple booking sites to compare hotel and flight booking options and then match them with allowed spending or other parameters. Your corporate travel manager can receive instant notification in the event an employee books of out-of-policy. And they can see the reason.  

With a single, integrated system, everyone has access to the platform 24/7, no matter where they are. Key policy details are always at hand. No more hunting around to look up a rule (or ignoring the policy because it’s too hard to find.)

But streamlined, on-target booking isn’t the only benefit.

Tracking travel spend is a breeze

Integration allows travelers to digitally capture and submit expense receipts. Now we’re talking. Finance managers complain that employees who travel not only overspend by booking out of policy, they book with myriad entities, some digital and some not. Receipts (assuming they are all submitted, and on time) come in an assortment of forms that require manual collation for tracking. That’s a big waste of the finance team’s time and an invitation to mistakes. No wonder forecasts and the budget are out of control.

Instead of making everyone crazy, the monetary side of travel is simple when corporate travel policy is integrated with your corporate travel management software.  

Travelers themselves benefit because it’s easy to comply with corporate travel policy:

  •         Instant access to corporate credit card info
  •         Instant access to loyalty numbers (nobody can remember all those numbers, and who wants to haul around a fistful of rewards cards?)
  •         Immediate, paper-free receipt capture and submission
  •         No lost or garbled receipts
  •         No more aggravation and wasted time
  •         Timely, complete reimbursement

Finance and travel managers benefit, thanks to streamlined oversight:

  •         Corporate travel managers, executive assistants, or even co-workers headed on the same trip can book on behalf of others
  •         Easy to track travel schedules and travelers
  •         Ability to see who is going rogue, and where
  •         Easy to handle reimbursements in a timely manner
  •         Easy to add/change meal and hotel per diem and other parameters as needed, and alert employees to changes
  •         Confidence in compliance (therefore greater peace of mind about budget control)
  •         Ongoing, comprehensive visibility into travel spend and other vital data  

Integrating travel policy with your corporate travel management platform makes the most sense, no matter how you look at it. When you can implement a system that pleases travelers, corporate travel managers, and the finance team, too, you’re on the road to simple, smooth business travel.   


About the Author: Mike Baker
Mike is Director of Marketing for Lola.com and a former journalist, farmer and teacher.