Breaking Down JetBlue’s New Fare Classes

Breaking Down JetBlue’s New Fare Classes

Today, JetBlue updated its suite of fare options — including adding a new basic economy option — in an effort to match the variety of choices offered by other major carriers. While the new options offer more granular control for passengers over what flexibility they get with their tickets, the change will also affect what frequent JetBlue passengers (including Mosaic members) have come to expect.

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What is JetBlue’s new “Blue Basic” fare?

JetBlue added a fare class called “Blue Basic”, which is parallel to legacy carriers’ basic economy. Like other basic economy fares, passengers who purchase Blue Basic will need to pay for advanced seat selection and can’t change their tickets, as they are entirely non-refundable (not even for a fee).

Blue Basic passengers will also earn fewer TrueBlue frequent-flyer points — 1 point per $1 spent on an eligible fare, as opposed to 3 points per $1 spent for the “Blue” fare.

What’s so “extra” about “Blue Extra”?

JetBlue is also introducing the “Blue Extra” fare class, which will create new flexibility by including changes in advance or same-day and allowing for cancellation. This will bring parity to the refundable economy fares of other major carriers, but it will come at a price as this will be the most expensive economy offering for JetBlue.

What about the original “Blue” and “Mint” fares?

“Blue” and “Mint” fares will remain unchanged, both in terms of flexibility as well as the rate at which passengers earn frequent-flyer miles. That means if you like the current JetBlue experience in terms of fares, those options will remain.

What do these changes mean for Mosaic members?

JetBlue Mosaic members will still retain all their privileges except for the new “Blue Basic” fare class, which will only allow for early boarding to Mosaics. Mosaic members still retain the benefit of up to two free checked bags, even in the Blue Basic fares, which also extends to travel companions, provided they book together on the same reservation.

Traveling for business?

With the new changes, JetBlue continues to be a competitive carrier for business travelers in terms of price and included amenities, such as its free wifi on board. “Blue,” the economy fares, are adding two options: “Blue Extra,” which is better for the business class traveler in that it is now offering full flexibility from when you book until when you fly, and “Blue Basic,” which is stripping flexibility, but discounting for those with firm travel plans. The Mint product, available on long haul flights between some of the top business hubs remains unchanged.

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