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Dear Yanni...Best of 2019

Dear Yanni...Best of 2019

On this week's column, we take a look at some of Yanni's best tips from 2019

Here are three of the top Dear Yanni questions and answers so far this year.

Should I book a refundable flight?

It depends how and where you are booking. If you use a travel management platform, you can often get refundable fares at a discount. If you are booking directly with the airline or on a third party site, refundable fares are significantly more than a non-refundable flight. Look back at the flights you’ve taken in the last year. How many have you changed or cancelled? If the answer is more than 50%, opt for a refundable flight. How far in advance are you booking? The farther in advance the more time there is for plans to change, so in that case consider booking refundable.


What are some tips for booking on behalf of my boss?

Ask your manager about their rewards programs, the hotels and airlines they like, and any time constraints they might have. Learn about their seat preferences on flights, that is something people are extremely particular about. Make sure you have easy access to the necessary information you need to book their travel. For extra credit, consider their personality when choosing a hotel.


What are some of the best business travel gadgets/memberships?

  • Dufl is taking one of the major pain points and time/fun/energy sucks out of business travel by offering a service with a virtual closet that lets you ship your clothes, then you get to pick and choose what you need for a trip from the app and find it waiting at your destination. 
  • Portable essential oil diffusers are a great remedy for sleepless nights away from home. Part of restful sleep is building consistency, and even when shifting from place to place, keeping a recurring calming scent throughout can help your body acclimate and create all the cozy feels. 
  • Fuse Chicken is an all-in-one solution that can charge most devices. It includes plugs for international use and is a power bank with wireless charging built in. 
  • Skip the lines at select airports by signing up for CLEAR, which uses your biometrics to verify your identity. Iris and finger scan and you’re in. At many U.S. airports and growing, CLEAR will get you to the head of the security lines after checking in at their branded kiosks.

About the Author: Yanni Poulakos
Yanni has had the travel bug from a young age. From traveling to over 50 countries and stints spent living in Asia, South America, Europe and the Caribbean, his insights into hacking personal and business travel are grounded in first-hand experience. As a former road warrior, he once covered every province in Italy in 6 weeks by car, served as a travel manager for dozens of colleagues across the US and Europe while leading a fundraising team, and customized exclusive travel experiences for a smattering of politicians and celebrities. No matter whether at home or on the road, Yanni stringently adheres to his approaches to nutrition and self-care, with a fervent commitment to help others do the same.