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Best Airlines for Traveling with Children

By Kathleen Burns, published on Dec 5, 2019
Best Airlines for Traveling with Children

Even road warriors need help when flying with their kids.

Traveling for the holidays? If you’re trading spreadsheets for family time, you may have different needs for which airline to fly. Traveling with children can introduce more anxiety in an already stress-inducing situation. Luckily, many airlines recognize the struggle of keeping children entertained and smiling while stuck in a metal tube 30,000 feet in the air for hours on end — and they are taking action to make the process easier on parents. 

Forbes recently investigated which airlines are going above and beyond when it comes to relieving parents of some of the pressure that accompanies flying with kids. And it turns out, some are doing it much better than others. 

United Airlines has introduced more kid-friendly features, like priority boarding for families with children under two years old, a children’s snack box, and an activity book. JetBlue includes Cartoon Network on certain flights and offers free juice and snacks for children. Air Canada and Lufthansa both offer dedicated family-only check-in areas. Perhaps the most impressive feature is Etihad’s “flying nanny” on board long-haul flights. The role of the flying nanny is to help kids get settled on the plane, offer advice to parents, and provide some entertainment. 

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About the Author: Kathleen Burns