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Fake Reviews Are Real - Help Your Team Avoid Them

When your employees are booking a hotel for business travel, there’s a good chance they are looking up reviews on sites like TripAdvisor. But according to a recent report in The Times UK, one-third of these reviews could be fake! The last thing you want is for an employee to book a hotel because the fake reviews were great and then arrive on their business trip to find that none of the amenities they need are actually available. Luckily, can help with this.

Lola’s teams feature

With Lola, employees can leave reviews for hotels and restaurants they’ve been to, and other members of your team can access those reviews in their own account. The places are organized by city, so it’s easy to find options that have been reviewed no matter where you are traveling.


Why this is better

Instead of reading travel reviews from someone your employees have never met they are reading reviews from their co-workers. There’s no concern about whether the review is fake or not because the reviewer could be sitting right across from them! If people at your company travel often, then they are probably pretty savvy travelers and other teammates can learn from their expertise and improve their own travel experience. All of this leads to happier travelers and more productive business trips.

How to manage travel reviews

Employees can go into their teams tab and see which cities have spots reviewed by other people at the company. When they find a place that sounds right for them they can search for availability right from that screen. And they can see who left comments about that place so if they have additional questions they know who to go to.

How to implement this for your team

If you’re ready to organize the chaos of your current travel management program (or lack of!), and find ways to make the lives of your traveling employees easier, schedule a demo with us so we can show you what is all about!


About is the simple solution for corporate travel management. Perfect for companies big and small, Lola uses powerful AI technology and 24/7 support to help business travelers book trips with ease while providing travel managers with simple tools to create travel policies, view budgets and monitor the business travel of all team members.

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