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    Dear Yanni...I'm always running out of time. Help!

    In this week's column, Yanni tackles saving time while on the road and what new upgrades to look for when booking hotels

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    In this week's column, Yanni addresses how to handle booking travel for a manager.

    Dear Yanni...Best Business Travel Gadgets?

    In this week's column, Yanni discusses business travel gadgets and how to deal with medications while on the road.

    Dear Yanni...I'm dreading going through TSA. Any tips?

    On this week's column, Yanni discusses TSA etiquette and how to avoid scammers on rental platforms.

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    A discussion of refundable fares and the woes of rebooking fees in this week's column.

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    How to eloquently tack leisure travel onto business trips and subtly getting space from colleagues while on the road in this week's column.

    Breaking Down JetBlue’s New Fare Classes

    Dear Yanni...How do I get off of hold?

    How to side-step the phone queue, booking business class on the company's dime, and surreptitious surcharges in this week's column

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    This week Yanni dives into the best practices for travel insurance and same day round-trip business travel.

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    Oopsie flight purchases and a Global Entry vs. TSA Precheck debate in the latest installment of Dear Yanni.

    2019 Travel Trends: Steamboat Springs

    Haven't heard about Steamboat, yet? You soon will.