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The Complexities of Boarding an Airplane

In his Inferno, Dante assigned the doomed through nine circles of hell depending on how he judged their offenses. Meanwhile, Scripture posits that ...

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How To Save Money During Business Travel

As self-employed travel columnist for two decades, I’ve usually booked my own travel, independent of a corporate travel manager. That makes me less ...

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Hot. Hot. Hot.

I love hot weather, so lucky for me I live in southern Arizona, where daytime temperatures in the summertime routinely exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. ...

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Would You Opt For a Helicopter Instead of a Taxi?

On a business trip in a big city, you or I get are likely to get to and from the airport using Uber or Lyft, a regular taxi, a hotel shuttle, a ...

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Substituting Greens for Meat

I can’t exactly pinpoint when a good old American “hamburger” evolved into what is now usually called just a “burger,” but I do have a pretty good ...

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