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Puppy Love?

More corporate travelers are bringing along pets on business trips — are they being accommodated? The idea that more people are driving when it’s ...

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A Good Day's Sleep

Corporate travelers need more options for staying productive on the road. Are day-rate hotels the future? Most business travelers know a version of ...

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Scooters: The New Scourge of Corporate Travel?

Everybody in the travel business is giving you tips for travel in 2019, so let me put in my two cents, as they used to say when two cents had at ...

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Is the Mileage Run Dead?

It’s the end of the year. That used to mean something for business travelers anxious to preserve elite status on an airline. For many of us, it meant ...

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On the Road

I haven’t had a gun since 1968, when a Marine quartermaster in Vietnam (I was in the Navy, but on the ground) handed me an M14 rifle and snarled, ...

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