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Agile Operations Summit: Not Your Average Finance Conference

By Kathleen Burns, published on Sep 26, 2019
Agile Operations Summit: Not Your Average Finance Conference

Why bother attending yet another conference? Because the Agile Operations Summit will offer actionable insights into improving the often overlooked departments: finance and operations.

The Agile Operations Summit is the first of its kind. No, really! This isn’t just a lame attempt at clickbait.

What makes the Agile Operation Summit unique? Most companies in the corporate travel industry host events focused on just that, corporate travel. But we noticed a massive gap in the business event market as a whole: fun and informational events targeted at finance and operations folks.

Sales, marketing, and even engineering professionals have dozens of options each year when it comes to events that encourage continued education, networking, and inspiration. But what about the other members of your team? Let’s not leave them in the dust while everyone else is full steam ahead progressing both their career and your company at the same time.

Lola.com is here to solve that problem. The purpose of the Agile Operations Summit is to empower attendees to implement agile principles into their finance and operations departments — not to restrict their focus to the complexities of business travel.

We recognize the value that an agile workplace can provide to a growing company. Agility is a familiar concept to most software developers, but its principles are also applicable to all areas of an organization — especially finance and operations.

What does an agile environment look like?

  • High employee engagement

Recruiting top talent that is also a good fit for your company is a difficult task. But, it is crucial to your success. Efficient and productive teams are made of the best of the best. They want to see the company succeed and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

In order to maintain this emphasis on hiring as your company grows, you need to adopt a simple, scalable process for attracting high quality employees.

  • Effective resources

Simplicity and ease of use are at the core of agile operations. Know what your goals are, and find the right tools that will help get you there. For finance, this likely includes tools like Expensify and Teampay that help automate the more manual processes. For corporate travel, at Lola.com we pride ourselves on offering an easy to use platform that makes booking and managing travel simpler for you and your team. Choose resources that will help you automate repeatable tasks and minimize mindless work.

  • A collaborative workplace

An agile environment should enable your team to work smarter and produce results more efficiently by working together and sharing ideas. Fostering a collaborative workplace will also help your company be more adaptable. When everyone in the company communicates about changes being made, your team is likely to identify other related areas that also need adjustment. This is especially important for finance agile operations because as products and services change, your pricing strategies will need to adjust.

How will the Agile Operations Summit help you implement these practices at your own company?

  • Get tips from agile experts

Hear from executives who have been employing these ideas for years. Speakers include Kate Bueker, CFO at HubSpot, Marcus Wilson, Co-founder of NOBULL, and Barbara Corcoran, “Shark” on ABC’s Shark Tank. Each can attribute their success to establishing a productive and efficient environment. Hear their thoughts on agility in the workplace and how to stay on the front end of it.

  • Network with peers to learn what steps they’re taking

Remember the collaborative workplace principle? We’re taking our own advice. Collaboration can occur even in one day, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to talk with industry peers about what they’re doing to make sure their organization is engaging, efficient, and adaptable. And don’t forget to chat with one of our sponsors, Poppin, about how to deck out your office space to optimize productivity.

  • Interact with new, innovative technology

On the look-out for resources to help automate and streamline menial tasks? Well, you should be. Luckily the speakers at the Agile Operations Summit will touch on how they leverage the tools and resources at their disposal to make sure mindless work doesn’t suck up their employees’ valuable time.

We are also extremely selective about our sponsors. We chose only those whose products we felt could benefit our customers and attendees. Teampay and Mineraltree will both have tables to demonstrate how their technology can help your company automate payment and expenses.

What else makes the Agile Operations Summit stick out from the crowd?

  • Earn six CPE credits

Calling all CPAs! On the hunt for CPE credits? We’ve got you covered. When you attend the Agile Operations Summit you’ll be eligible to receive six CPE credits. In order to get your credits, make sure you register for the Summit online, check-in at the start of the Summit on November 6th, attend all the sessions and answer the distributed questions.

  • Explore a unique Boston venue

The Agile Operations Summit will be held at Artists for Humanity in South Boston. Artists for Humanity provides under-resourced urban youth with paid employment in art and design. Their mission is built on twin philosophies: Engagement in the creative process is a powerful force for social change, and creative entrepreneurship is a productive and life-changing opportunity for young people and their communities. And all that art makes for an awesome space.

  • We’re all about fun

If you can’t tell by our branding, we like to have fun at Lola. And we’re bringing the fun to our Summit — big time. Make sure to stick around for the after party to discover the surprises we have hidden up our sleeves.

If you couldn’t tell by now, this event is one of a kind. Don’t miss out. Register here for tickets to the event on November 6th, and use discount code “lolapal” for 50% off.

About the Author: Kathleen Burns