A Wicked Loving Win

A Wicked Loving Win

Two recent workplace awards make me more optimistic than ever that Lola's building a remarkable place to work

When you’re building a company, there’s a lot of priorities to juggle. Should you focus on your customers or your investors? Your product or your brand? Growth or stability?

Balancing these goals is not always easy, and many companies end up emphasizing one for a bit before moving on to the next. They’re all important after all.

I totally understand this approach — every aspect of your company is critical, and sometimes outside forces dictate where your attention needs to be.

But I’m going to let you in on a secret: At Lola, there’s no ambiguity about our priorities. For us, our team is always #1.

Now, as VP of People Operations, you might think I’m biased. Of course I’m going to talk about how important workplace culture and employee satisfaction are. It’s literally my job. But the truth is that Lola’s relentless focus on our team is not even something I had to advocate for; it’s baked into our DNA.

Our CTO, Paul English, has made this priority extremely clear since Day 1: team is number one, and everything else comes next. Without a happy, fulfilled, supported staff, he’s fond of reminding us, there’s no way we can make a transformative product to delight our customers.

The way we put our team first? Through our Wicked Loving culture. We make sure every employee at Lola feels taken care of — mind, body, and soul. Competing to attract talent on perks is one thing. But caring — really, truly caring — beats free cold brew any day in my book.

That’s why I was so excited when I learned that Lola was recently included on both Inc. and the Boston Business Journal’s 2019 list of best places to work. Sure, the recognition is nice and validating, but more than anything it proves that our team recognizes and appreciates the culture we’re all building together. Both of these awards are based on an anonymous survey of our employees — there’s no more important validation than that.

Moments like this help me zoom out from the day-to-day work of building a strong place to work so I can see the bigger picture: The things we’re doing — emphasizing inclusiveness and diversity, supporting our employees in and outside the office, taking time to recognize all their hard work — is having a meaningful impact on their lives.

We spend a crazy amount of time with our co-workers — more than with friends and family — so it is impossible to overstate how important it is to create a work environment that supports, not stresses, our colleagues. The recognition from these two outlets fills me with a tremendous amount of happiness.

But it’s just the beginning. Lola is growing, which means we’re going to need to continuously ramp up our efforts to make sure we’re creating a work environment that works for all of them, and continuously gets more collaborative, harmonious and rewarding.

That’s not going to be an easy task, but at moments like this, when I’m able to see the initial fruits of our labor, I am wicked encouraged.

And, of course, with a happy, positive work environment in place, I know we’re in the perfect position to tackle the next two items on the list: a groundbreaking product that delights our customers.  

About the Author: Stacey Scott