Dear HR: Your Traveling Employees Want More Support on the Road

Dear HR: Your Traveling Employees Want More Support on the Road

Companies are always looking for ways to show employees that they’re appreciated. So they get creative with perks — putting out free snacks in the lunchroom, scheduling team outings, giving away branded swag.

But the best employee perks go beyond snacks, parties and swag — they provide actual value to employees, making their lives easier in important ways.

If your employees spend a fair amount of time on the road, one of the most valuable perks you can give them is a comprehensive, mobile-friendly corporate travel management platform.

Intuitive booking, automated expensing, 24/7 VIP travel support — these are some of the benefits you can give your employees through a corporate travel management solution. In reality, such a platform is really a whole bundle of employee perks, all wrapped up in a single package.

You can call them perks, or call them benefits, but savvy companies know how important the right extras can be when it comes to employee job satisfaction. Sure, they offer insurance options and other standard benefits fare. But the reason they get creative beyond that is because relevant benefits do more than show appreciation. They help make employees’ lives better, either at work or outside work.

Corporate travel policy

Your travelers know they’re supposed to adhere to booking and per diem guidelines, but they’re busy. They’re distracted. They can’t remember all those rules. A platform that can incorporate your company’s travel policy and highlight acceptable booking options saves them from unfortunate mistakes such as booking basic economy. Even better, it shows a range of options, out of respect for individual preferences. Travelers can book their way, without stepping out of compliance. Nice perk!

Self-service convenience

Employees search online to find and compare flights, accommodations, but that doesn’t make the process efficient. The process can take a serious amount of time, during which they could be doing something less frustrating and more work-productive. But not with your customized corporate travel management software in play. The work has already been done for them, so with a few clicks they’re ready to travel. Nice perk!

Easy expense reporting

What does every corporate traveler hate most of all? Fiddling around with receipts. Collecting them. Frantically looking for the one that got away. Filling out reimbursement forms. With a digital platform, booking receipts are automatically captured and travelers can instantly capture out-of-town receipts with their phone. Submission is automatic and immediate. Nothing gets lost. Reimbursement can happen faster. Nice perk!

Immediate assistance

Inevitably, things go wrong. Big or small, they can wreak havoc on a business traveler’s plans. If your employee is stuck in mid-air or in a meeting, they have no way to rebook a soon-to-be-missed flight or change their hotel stay. They won’t even know there’s a problem. And what if your employee is in Timbuktu and gets sick, or injured? Or caught in a natural disaster?

Your corporate travel management program needs humans as well as mobility and automation. The ability to get live help 24/7 enables travelers to quickly adjust to disrupted plans, but it also gives them peace of mind knowing you have their back when they’re on the road. That’s more than a nice perk, that’s personal safety and security, and that’s priceless.

Is business travel a perk?

Well, that depends on who you ask. Someone who travels to the occasional meeting or conference might say yes. It’s a chance to get out there and strut your stuff on behalf of the company, plus you get to go Somewhere Else for a day or few. Ask one of your true road warriors, though, and you’ll probably get a different response. Travel gets old, no matter how nice the accommodations. Frequent business travelers clearly understand the value of their itinerant schedule, but still … it is work. And it’s tiring.

Specific travel perks can soften the downside. Rooms with nicer, business-friendly amenities, airport lounge access, etc. can make the experience more comfortable, more convenient, and more productive.

But adopting a corporate travel management platform that supports the whole enchilada from planning a trip and booking reservations to marshalling expenses for reimbursement benefits every one of your business travelers. Whether they head out of town twice a year or twice a month.

Use travel management software

With the right corporate travel management software, business travelers can save time and hassle and get more of what they want and need on the road. Those are perks everyone can appreciate! They not only show how much you appreciate employees who travel for business, they directly improve those employees’ lives, when they’re planning travel and when they’re on the road.

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