“A completely seamless roll out” – How Allego used Lola to give employees control over their travel

“A completely seamless roll out” – How Allego used Lola to give employees control over their travel



The Challenge

Meet Alex Mackenzie, the Director of Sales at Allego, a sales learning & readiness platform that helps modern salespeople to be on message and more easily interact with their peers in order to improve performance and grow revenue.

Allego relies on corporate travel to foster face-to-face connections with prospects and customers. Like so many companies, Allego’s sales reps are often on the road.

“Allego sales reps are constantly flying around the country to demo at conferences or visit prospects and customers to build relationships,” said Alex. This makes sense, when it comes to corporate travel, spending time in-person with prospects means more opportunities for reps to close deals.

While Alex recognized the value that corporate travel brought to Allego’s sales numbers, the process his team had to go through to simply book a flight or hotel room was full of headaches.

The interface that the team was using to book all of their corporate travel wasn’t the consumer-grade quality that they were used to on a site like KAYAK or Expedia, adding friction to the entire process.

“It was so frustrating — reps would book flights and the tickets weren’t there when they were flying out or, worse, the system would come out with the wrong names on them.”

When his team was too fed up with the frustrating booking process and called the agency to complete the bookings, they were also penalized with a $28 fee for every call.

Alex knew there had to be a better way.

The Solution

After one too many painful afternoons trying to book a simple business trip with one of his reps, Alex reached out to Lola. He wanted to see if the platform could provide the three main things his team needed from a travel management platform:

Transparent Pricing — Alex and his team were tired of being nickel and dimed every time they needed help booking a trip. Once they switched to Lola, they went from paying the $28 fee every time that they needed assistance to an annual subscription that includes unlimited 24/7 travel support at no extra charge.

Modern Technology — As if being charged every time they needed help was bad enough, the fact that they had to even call in the first place was an issue! This is 2019, we Slack our co-workers, text our friends, and use FB messenger to communicate with relatives. Who has time to call? Having a modern communication tool partnered with consumer-grade booking and automated expensing makes Lola’s product #1 in the industry.

“Chat is key. One of the things we were concerned about was that we had to call so much with our previous vendor.”

Easy Onboarding - With Lola, Alex found that adoption by the entire Allego team was so simple. The employees have been able to book their travel in a fraction of the time it took with their previous vendor.


“After implementing Lola, the results were immediate.”

Right away Alex found that by implementing Lola, the time it took the team to book their travel for trade shows or prospect visits dropped dramatically. Lola's consumer-grade app was instantly familiar to travelers, who were used to booking travel through KAYAK.

“After implementing Lola, what used to take us upwards of an hour to book is now only a 5 minute process where sales reps can book their own flights, and the finance team isn’t worried about them going out of guidelines.”

It took less than one minute for sellers to add loyalty point programs into Lola. When Allego has to travel for business, their travel policy lets employees keep those miles – and they don’t need to even need to think about it when booking because Lola does it for them.


The Allego team loves using Lola.

As a software company, we know how important it is to have an easy roll-out of a new application. And, Lola exceeded our expectations on that.”

Alex has been able to focus more on closing business for the Allego team and less worried about troubleshooting travel pains for his sales reps. By using Lola, Allego has been able to take control of their corporate travel, giving their reps the interface they are used to, and giving Alex visibility to where reps are traveling at any given moment.

It wasn’t until after implementing Lola that Alex really understood how inadequate Allego’s travel program had been. Essentially overnight, the company was able to take the pain out of its corporate travel program and replace it with a super-simple, lightweight platform that serves all their needs.

By the Numbers:

Number of Employees: 100

Number of Employees Who Travel: 30

Number of Remote Employees: 5

Company Retreats (per year): Quarterly fly-ins for QBR’s & annual sales meeting

About the Author: Connor Gross