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4 Ways Companies Can Make Their Corporate Travelers' Lives Easier

4 Ways Companies Can Make Their Corporate Travelers' Lives Easier

Corporate travelers routinely sacrifice personal and family time to travel for work — are their employers doing enough to make it up to them?

Let’s face it, traveling for business is no walk in the park. Corporate travelers are expected to spend days away from family and hours cramped in a flying human cargo container to impress clients and attend important industry events.

Time spent on the road can be taxing, leaving employees feeling drained and often times unappreciated..

And when their employers don’t recognize the toll all this travel is taken, it can also leave them feeling unappreciated.

All of this raises an important question: What can businesses do to reward their frequent travelers and make them feel more appreciated for the extra work do and sacrifices they make? What type of perks do these travelers actually want?

Lola.com recently conducted a survey of more than 1,500 corporate travel managers to better understand how they run their travel programs and where there is time to improve the experience for all. The survey made one thing abundantly clear:

Employers are not doing enough to compensate their frequent travelers for their extra work on the road.

And they know it! When surveyed, 82% of companies said that travel puts a burden on employees. Companies recognize the importance of business travel, and are increasing their investments accordingly. However, that increased investment is not necessarily going to improving their employees comfort or productivity on the road. Despite understanding the burden, 57% of companies admit they don’t do enough to take the stress off of their frequent travelers.

These companies fully recognize the stress that comes with business travel and still are not doing enough to support their employees handle that pressure.

One of the reasons for this is because of how companies guidelines are set up for business travel. Unfortunately when it comes to travel, price has consistently reigned king in the past. Travel managers surveyed agree that companies focus more on keeping costs down than on employee happiness or productivity. In our survey results, 68% of travel managers say their company’s corporate travel policies are more defined by keeping costs down than enhancing productivity.

It’s not just the companies that recognize this problem. Travelers are feeling the pain too.

Spending nights on the road can lead to fatigue and when you are stuck in a 2 star hotel, travelers can begin to feel unappreciated. In our survey results we learned that 61% of travelers say their company should do more to recognize the sacrifices on the road.

While most companies offer employee benefits, very few offer frequent traveler benefits.

And they should! This is an easy way to show your travelers that you care; 73% of travelers say their company should offer personalized benefits for frequent travelers.

Here’s what your frequent travelers are asking for:

The ability to work from home or remote: When price is the main factor driving your travel policy, you’re often stuck picking the red eyes to save a few extra dollars. Giving your employees the comfort of working from their own couch the next day is an easy win to showing that you care. 95% of travelers would view this as a reward.

Additional vacation days: With the number of business trips rising, so is the number of bleisure trips. Bleisure is the ability to extend your trip an extra day or two so that your trip to Seattle can be seen as a privilege and not a burden. 91% of travelers would view this as a reward.

Gifts for their spouses: Your employee is not the only one facing the burden of travel. An easy way to show some love for our business travelers is to send a gift to their spouse to thank them for dealing with the time apart. 86% of travelers would view this as a reward.

Child care stipends: For travelers with children that depend on them, they need additional help when they are on the road. Providing stipends to traveling parents can go a long way. 75% of travelers would view this as a reward.

Traveling for business is tough work, but it’s important to show that you are invested in building lasting relationships with your clients, co-workers and investors. Showing your business travelers a little love by providing personalized benefits can keep them happy and productive when out of the office.

About the Author: Connor Gross