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3 Small Tips for Getting to the Big Game

Airfare to Atlanta is sky high, but has a few creative ways to get you there on the cheap

Should you or shouldn’t you? The NFL's biggest day is less than a week away and you’re still daydreaming about grabbing your bffs and heading to the game.  Meanwhile, back in reality, flights to Atlanta from Boston and LAX are 3-6 times the normal cost. Womp womp….

But don't give up yet!  There's more than one way to fly to Super Bowl LIII.  Some of these tips might take a little longer, but they should save you some coin — and besides sometimes the journey is half the fun!

  1. Book two one way flights. Sometimes mixing airlines can get you better options all around. Just be careful of this, especially if you are a flying from Patriot’s country. If the weather disrupts your outbound trip, and you are booked on a roundtrip ticket, you’ll have a much better chance of being able to adjust your return without a fee.

  2. Look at outlying airports near you. Atlanta is Delta's largest hub. They offer nonstops from Boston and LAX  but also from Providence, Manchester and Hartford in the Northeast, and from Santa Ana and San Diego in southern California.

  3. Consider a flight to a city near to Atlanta. Up for a little more adventure? Roadtrip it. Roundtrip flights to Nashville for Super Bowl weekend are running about average or slightly higher than the normal cost. From Nashville, grab a rental car from BNA, and drive to Atlanta in just 4 hours, or hop on a bus for about $50 roundtrip. Or how about Charlotte?  Also about a 4 hour drive from Atlanta but you can take a bus or train to the Big Game from there.

Still can’t decide if you should go or not?  We can’t decide for you, but we can help you figure out the best (and most cost-effective) ways to get to Atlanta.  

…..Oh, and one more thing:  “Go Pats!”

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