11 Things Business Travelers Can Relate To

11 Things Business Travelers Can Relate To


When you start traveling for work regularly, you might realize that you are becoming part of a community of road warriors that share a lot in common.

Not to toot our own horn, but as a company full of road warriors, we’ve declared ourselves business travel experts.

Toot toot.

Since many of you are business travel experts too, you can probably relate to some of our favorite things that frequent road warriors know all too well.

You might be a road warrior if:

You have eaten an entire day of meals in an airport.


You’re so used to Ubering to the airport, that you put it as the destination even when you’re not traveling.


You take the same flight so often you are friends with the gate agent.

gate agent friend

You’ve tried every kind of travel gadget there is and know that most of them are nonsense.


You are the go-to friend for food recommendations in every airport.


You can recite all the hotels names that fall within your preferred brand.

i know what things are

You can pack for a week-long trip in one tiny carry-on.

unique strengths

You’ve been to all the top destinations, but have only actually seen the airport, a business hotel, and an office.


You have so many frequent flier miles you can afford a free vacation every year.

money pls

You’re an expert at rolling into a meeting straight from a red-eye flight.

red eye flight

You’ve lost any athletic ability you once had because you’re not home enough to justify having a gym membership.

running is hard

Did we miss anything? What would you add to the list?

About the Author: Emily Parker-Woodland
Emily was the Marketing Programs Manager at Lola.com from 2015-20. She started at Lola.com as a Wombat (our Travel Services team), and has a wide array of travel knowledge.