Manage your bills and expenses in the same place.

With you can control invoices and expenses with budgets. Everything is updated in real-time so everyone always knows their budget-to-actual.

Paying the Bills

What's wrong with the way I do things now?

Invoices used to be the only way to make big purchases. So it made sense to exert extra control using purchase orders and manual accounts payable workflows.

Today, the lines are blurred. More vendors accept cards for large transactions, or invoices for small ones. Holes are emerging in your old system of controls. is built for a multi-payment future. Control your spend with a single set of policies for invoices and expenses. And give everyone a real-time view of their budget-to-actual.

Map your invoices to ledgers and budgets

When you get an invoice, you can easily connect it to the right ledgers and budgets. This will ensure your budget owners and accountants have a shared view.

Get budgets done, fast.

Control when and how you pay

You can set a date that fits your cash flow needs. Pay by check, transfer, or card. And rest assured every transaction is on-budget and in-policy. 


Update budgets in real-time

Give your budget owners real-time visibility into their spend across every payment method. Stay on budget with policies that reject over-budget transactions before they clear.

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We've been using Lola Spend and let me say; as a busy founder doing all the finances, the product and team has been truly wonderful!

Jessica Meher

CEO & Co-founder - Wonderment

The last two months I've been using Lola Spend to work within budget and to delegate spend within my team. This has literally changed the way I manage my teams and companies finances.

John Short

CEO & Founder - Compound Growth Marketing

I honestly don't know what I'd do without Lola.

Steve Isom

VP of Finance - Flywheel

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Control your bills and expenses in real-time with budgets.

1x1 - Paying the Bills (Transparent)