Lighten your managed travel to-do list.

With Lola’s super-simple platform, you can manage and book business travel in a flash.

Lola's saved traveler profiles, flexible booking policies and 24/7 support take the pain out of managing business travel.
Super-simple is here.

Saved info helps you book travel faster

Automatically generate itineraries and share

Digital receipts make travel expensing a breeze

Gain peace of mind.

Get real-time updates when flights change

24/7 support from human travel agents

Maintain knowledge of traveler whereabouts

Control T&E spend.

Set a simple, employee-friendly travel policy

Allow employees to earn loyalty points

• Gain unprecedented visibility into activity

Teams: all together now.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on travel tips

  • Stay connected, make travel more productive

  • Encourages team vibe, adding to morale in 1 minute:

Life now with Lola is a lot more streamlined. I'm able to focus on other things because I'm not spending time chasing people down to get their travel info.

alix gregory

business ops

Lola was an absolute breeze in implementing in our process. It was an easy selling point to my business development team... A lot of the functions provided, especially the concierge service, alongside having everything in one app, was just great!

John Hall

business ops

We wanted to guide employees but not necessarily to box them in to certain decisions, so we didn't want to restrict them just to the least expensive flight. We wanted to have a system that provided some guidance … and told employees what we think you should book. But if they needed to pick a different flight or hotel, they could.

Frank Schultz

business ops

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