Agile Operations Webinar Series

Learn from six different companies who have come together to show People Operations how to improve the employee experience.

This series will help you with:

Agile Operations - employee engagement

Employee Engagement

Finding the right fit for your company is difficult, so we’ll discuss why it’s more important than ever to make sure you are keeping employees engaged, and how to improve your retention strategy.

Agile Operations - policies that work

Policies that Work

The policies at your company are there for a reason, but how do you make it easy for employees to comply? We’ll show you how to create policies that can benefit you and your team.

Agile Operations - collaborative workplace

A Collaborative Workplace

Communication between departments is necessary to create a productive work environment. We’ll talk about how to improve your office culture and make it easier for groups to work together.

Compt: How to use perks to increase employee retention

Listen to Sarah Bedrick, Cofounder of Compt, explain how perks have evolved, why personalization of perks is key to employee retention, and 3 innovative strategies to help your organization succeed.

agile operations webinars - Compt

Robin: How you can remove open office pressure points to keep employees happier, longer

Whether you have permanent seats for everyone, a remote-first culture, or have almost hit your space capacity, listen to Brendan O’Neil, Sales & Partner Enablement Lead at Robin, chat about the evolution of the workplace experience.

agile operations webinar  - Robin

Drafted: How network recruiting will change the way you hire

Featuring Drafted founder and CEO, Vinayak Ranade, this webinar will go over how network recruiting has evolved and what you can do to adapt.

agile operations webinar - Drafted

Lola: How an employee-friendly corporate travel policy can benefit you and your team

Mike Crawford, Customer Success Manager at, and Shelby Byrnes, Travel Expert, will show you how to implement guidelines that will improve your team's travel experience.

agile operations webinar - Lola

LearnLux: How people ops can fight financial stress in the modern workplace

Rebecca Liebman, CEO of LearnLux, will walk you through identifying signs of financial stress in your organization, and conducting a financial wellness assessment.

agile operations webinar - LearnLux

Humanyze: How to make data-driven decisions to improve the employee experience

Join Ben Waber, MIT PhD and CEO of Humanyze, to learn how managers can use corporate data to improve the employee experience.

agile operations webinar - Humanyze

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